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I admire small business owners, not only due to their perseverance to succeed in their endeavors, but also in their ability to remain patient through the overwhelming number of sales calls. Perhaps, I was oblivious, but as of late, the number of 'marketing' companies offering to sell their pricey services are leaving me quite annoyed.

Many of the representatives are good salesman, chasing down the lead, and refusing to stop their persistent calls and emails until they've had a chance to sit down to chat. I, having perhaps a little less patience in their endeavors, find myself leaving every meeting shaking my head in disbelief with their ability to actually sell these services...especially at the rates their quoting.

 So, if your a business owner looking to perhaps begin a new service...

Please Read This First 

For most online marketing efforts, there is a learning curve. The largest investment will be (should be) learning something new. Making the decision to outsource may simply be based on limited time, but if it's not, you will learn so much more about your customers and your business by having a front-row-seat to your marketing.

Google It

I'm sure if your business, you're probably sick of hearing the name 'Google.' However, there really is a reason you're hearing it so much. There are few companies which have been able to so quickly adapt, predict and find a way to become involved in the everyday life of nearly every American...and the world. Google has this down. Best of all, a huge part of your online presence (Google+ Business Local Listings) is free. Utilize this service to share the most up-to-date information with Google searchers.


Yes, there is still quite a lot of vitality left in this network. You'll need fresh content to keep your page gaining results, so the real benefit is for business which have product to feature, events or hospitality industries.


So this really isn't for everyone and if you don't enjoy writing, please don't waste the internet's time. Blogging has a serious benefit for product-based services who have experience in a subject field people may like to search. Great example - a car care product which solves a problem people search for online. You sell, while they learn.

Redesign Your Website....ASAP!

Your website is your image. Is it a good one? I reiterate this nearly every day. There is no point in pointing traffic to your website, if it doesn't sell your product or service. In today's online world, every website should be fully responsive, easy to navigate and free of clutter. If not, update it as soon as possible (and if your website designer hasn't already told you this, fire him or her today!)

Create an Email List

Are you asking your customers if they would like to join your mailing list? If not, shame on you! Email campaign management software begins for as little as $5/month (MailChimp), is easy to use and will provide you with a platform to keep in touch with customers to keep them coming back.

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