Posted by : Amanda Stein Saturday, May 24, 2014

2014 Google Seo Ranking Factor- Hummingbird Update - The key to building backlinks is to take the time to do them properly. The Google Panda update began the process of putting emphasis on the quality of the backlink and not just the amount. As Google has continued to advance their backlink analysis – it now includes contextual measurement – which means that the type of site the link originates from needs to have a logical relation with the site that the link points at. In other words if you have a niche site that sells chainsaws, having a backlink on it from a women’s cosmetic site will provide no value regardless of page or domain rank – and in most cases, get your site penalized. The most important think you can do when building backlinks is to create genuine content on the page the backlink is residing on. If you simply put your link on the page – even if you are using anchor text, if the page contains little else but your link – then it has a greatly diminished value.

2014 Google  Seo Ranking Factor- Hummingbird Update

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