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Have you ever experienced that moment where you spend all your concentration focused on how you can avoid a co-worker? Even the most patience have moments where the human behavior of others simply no longer seems tolerable. Ever wonder if you happen to be that person? While the sole purpose of going to work is not to win some sort of popularity contest, working on co-worker relationships will save you from unnecessary issues and anxiety.

#1 - Do Unto Others 

Before making an rash decision, have you taken a moment to think it over? While it may seem obvious, there are a lot situations where a lack of clearly thinking through an encounter with another co-worker can leave us stranded on an island of opposition. Have some bad news to share? Think about the way in which you would like to be approached in a bad situation. Exhibit care and understanding and chances are, the receiver will show more care in their response to you.

#2 - Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Obnoxious workplace behavior #1.....okay, not this list, but point still the same, there is nothing worse than the co-worker who takes credit for the ideas and actions of others. Don't be that person! While you may not be shining in the moment, bringing forth praise to another will not only solidify your character in the eyes of those you work with, but show that you have the ability to foster and encourage the talents of others.

#3 - Stop Gossiping 

Did Sally go home with Bruce? Is Mary hungover coming into work? Is Charles having an affair? Workplace gossip is the root of all evil when it comes hurting the feelings of others and creating an intolerable atmosphere to work in. And yes, it's easy to get wrapped up in the moment and join into the crowd, but you're better than that. Show a better character by showing your co-workers your lack of interest in those topics. You'll gain respect and your peers will feel confident in coming to you when they have problems without the fear that you will be passing the information along to others.

#4 - Help Out

There's a fine line between providing assistance to others and being taken advantage of. For this, be sure that you stay within the latter. Be there for those who sincerely need a little extra help from time to time. Perhaps, you're knowledgeable in a specific where your co-worker is not. Whatever the reason my be, be the person people can turn to when they need a little extra help.

#5 - Be Dependable

Do you make a lot of promises? Do you fulfill them? Yes, it's just easier at times to go with the flow and make a promise to be there for an event or to be available when asked. The problem with this is that there are times when promises cannot be fulfilled. From being prompt to work everyday to completing the tasks assigned to you, being dependable is a way of life. A lifestyle which forces you to make personal sacrifices to ensure the success of others far higher up the food chain. In the end, your dependability defines your character and separates the successful from those who complacently watch their dreams go by.

#6 - Be Extraordinary 

What defines you? The world is full of ordinary people, doing ordinary things. You are beautiful. The world around you is beautiful. Every moment is precious and in need of extraordinary people who will do extraordinary things. More importantly, are you happy? We're all on this quest in life to find the best versions of ourselves. Perhaps, you believe you'll find it once you've obtained a large fortune. Or, maybe, once you've completed many years of education. There is a difference between having goals and finding happiness. The goals will not provide you with happiness. Happiness comes from being at peace with all the good and bad in our lives and from true happiness comes the extraordinary person you are meant to be.

#7 - Be Passionate

What makes you passionate? Are you passionate about the people around you? It may sound like a strange question at first, but are you? If you have no passion for others, how can you expect others to be passionate about you? Passion is the driving force that inspires us to move forward day after day in pursuit of our dreams. Having that seed of inspiration will guide you to inspire the ones around you, building a better workplace and a better you. Successful workplaces are powered by people who are passionate about their craft and their workers. Be the person to spark that passion!

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