Posted by : Amanda Stein Friday, April 18, 2014

Data breaches are something that a myriad of businesses need to worry about each and every day in order to keep the livelihood of their business afloat. There are some times, no matter how many precautions you take, that data breaches occur. Among the thousands of data breaches that happen each year, some of the biggest noted here. One of the biggest data heists in history happened to CardSystem Solutions in June 2005. CardSystem Solutions is one of the top payment processors for Visa, Master Card and American Express. At the time of this data heist, over 40 million credit accounts were compromised. How exactly did they do this – through a SQL Trojan attack. Another notable attach occurred at the Department of Veteran Affairs. This 2006 attack compromised the information of 26.5 million veterans, including social security numbers and dates of birth. This hack was made possible because a laptop and hardrive containing the database were stolen from a VA analyst’s home in Maryland.

The Biggest Data Heists In History

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