Posted by : Amanda Stein Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Are you looking to add great professionals to your workforce? You’re not alone. The competition for talented candidates, working in top careers, who have the highly sought-after skills you need is rising fast. The trick is to identify which professionals are becoming the hardest to find — and how much are candidates in those positions expecting to earn.
To find out, view our 2014 Professional Forecast infographic.


While the national unemployment rate continues to hover around 8 percent, the unemployment rate for individuals in professional and related occupations is only 4.7 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest jobs report. This is great news for the economy, but it’s not so great if you are trying to add professional talent to your team.
That’s because the pool of available candidates is shallow. Plus, as companies across all industries shift from policies of recessionary caution to post-recession growth, more and more employers will begin competing for the best candidates available for their most critical positions.
To stay ahead of the competition, you need to identify which positions will be the hardest to fill, scope out the demand for that career, and find out what salary offers it will take to fill them. So what are the top careers in-demand, and what's it going to take to get them on your team? Our 2014 Professional Forecast can help. What’s in the infographic?
We examined our hiring metrics and employment trends from across our nationwide branch network to determine the ten hottest positions in professional sectors such as human resources, non-clinical healthcare, supply chain and logistics, administration and marketing.
For each of the ten positions, we provide
  • Average national salary
  • Average salary range
  • Brief job description

The 2014 Professional Forecast: Highlighting the top careers in-demand for the year ahead
Source: Ajilon Professional Staffing

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