Posted by : Amanda Stein Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sure, we're all tuning in to watch the monumental game of the year, but it's also that one time of the year where we're actually looking forward to watching the commercials. Some are full of laughter, other with tears and some just make us question our own sanity, but here's a top pick of five of our favorite ads from this year's game:

Winner of Most Stomach Turning

Yes, this commercial by Doritos is genius, but I'm pretty sure I'll be thinking twice before I like my fingers again.

Winner of American Spirit & Tearjerker

Coca-Cola has struck gold with this inspiring and emotional commercial showing the unity and diversity of America.

Winner of Best Singing Performance

Totally not what I was expecting as this commercial begin, but beautiful vocals nonetheless. Can't help but feel as though something is missing... perhaps a little Keanu Reeves?

Winner of Most Creative 

I always wondered where all those feathers came from in my Volkswagen! Just glad the commercial didn't go on to show their rainbow bums...

Winner of What The ****

I could have never dreamed that we would be turning the Superbowl into some kind of hugfest, but what the heck -- let's hug and buy a Honda!

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