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Since its launch in mid 2012, the HTC One X has caused a sensation on the Android phone market worldwide. With updates to the phone like the even more powerful HTC One X +, HTC are firmly establishing themselves as one of the biggest players when it comes to devices that really make the most of Google's great smartphone operating system. Here we take a look at some of the things that make this particular phone such a popular choice, and what you need to know if you are thinking of getting one.

The Best Processing Capabilities On Any HTC Touchscreen Phone

While HTC have some other very advanced and attractive slate style mobile phones, like the Desire HD and the more entry level Wildfire, the One X + is where they have really gone all out on the tech front, fitting it with a fantastic quad core processor to offer users the best in speed. The high processing capabilities mean this phone will work fast even when you have installed loads of your own apps, and this can be a big advantage if you like to have a lot of software on your phone or if you are regularly using files like images and other media. Some Android phones can become a bit laggy when you have a lot of apps installed, especially if you run a few of them concurrently, but not the HTC One X +.

Classy Design

HTC have come out with some really attractive mobile phones in recent years as their profile on the smartphone market has grown, and the One X + is no exception. With a choice of colours available, all of which look well chosen and coordinated, rather than that sense of “let's make a red one” you sometimes get with these devices, and a sleek, curvy design that sets it apart from more hard edged devices like the iPhone, the One X + looks different enough from the original One X to clearly be an updated phone, but retains everything people loved about the original's looks and physical feel.

Great Interface

The HTC Sense user interface works brilliantly with Android, giving you an easy way to manage calls, texts and contacts as well as accessing all of your apps and settings intuitively. This phone is fun to use, and easy to learn, so you won't have to spend a long time getting used to it even if you have never seen a HTC smartphone interface before.

Overall Feel

Sometimes a smartphone can have the best specs on the market but when you pick it up and handle it, it feels cheap and fragile. One thing about HTC phones is that when you handle them, they feel robust and not as if they will break with a little wear and tear. This is an important aspect of the buyer decision making process and HTC have got that right.
The combination of great underlying technology, beautiful aesthetic design and a great UI all add up to make for a great smartphone that really ticks all the boxes for most styles of use.
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Laura Ginn is a technology blogger who is passionate about great Android smartphones. She checked out the popular TC One X + to find out just what makes this phone such a big hit in the Android market, and to help those considering buying this model make the right decision.

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