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What's going to happen in marketing in 2014? Here's a list of our predictions and what impact they will have on everyone.

It's a new year and the online marketing world is anticipating for the new changes headed its way. While businesses are aware of the successful marketing trends the previous year, there's no harm in getting ready for what's to come in 2014.

Changes will range from minute to drastic, but if you had a solid marketing campaign in 2013, adjusting to the changes shouldn't be dramatic at all. So let's get on with this and talk about the top 10 online marketing predictions for 2014.

1. Content Marketing Will Be Huge

Although content marketing has been known to be an effective online marketing trend in the past years, this year, its importance and value grows even bigger. Companies use content marketing to gain trust and establish authority with their consumers. They provide relevant information that can be entertaining and informative for the audience. It is essential in building rapport and a good following.
The Content Marketing Institute says that to build a good reputation, companies should utilize the top B2B content marketing strategies, including case studies, eNewsletters, social media, website articles and videos. This year, companies should concentrate on inbound marketing where they produce engaging and valuable content for their audience.

2. Branching Out on Social Media Marketing

Gone are the days when businesses were limited to marketing through social media giants like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Now, companies have more options and they should branch out to those options. Social media sites like Google+, Instagram and Pinterest also allow companies to build their audience. This diversification allows the company to access more channels and expand their audience reach. Also, the more channels you access, the easier it will be for the audience to recognize and remember your brand.

3. Good Images Will Be a Hit

Right now, what people are looking for is content that is easy to read. If you've noticed, images really do help create an impact when you post a piece of content. In fact, blog posts that generate the most social shares have well-placed and smartly chosen images to help prove certain points. Moreover, using infographics that combine minimal text with images will be a trend too. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that image-centric posts will replace the good ol' text-based content; it just adds value to the post.

4. Simple Marketing Messages Will Rule

Have you heard the saying “less is more?” This applies to how you send out your marketing messages this year. Consumers appreciate a more simple and concise message than bombarding them with a barrage of information. Toning down on campaign messages is a must to avoid overwhelming the consumer. Simply show how your product can serve your customer or how you can improve their experience. That will do.

5. More Native Advertising Regulations

Native advertising is a method where an advertiser provides content based on user experience. The main possible problem with native advertising is that it may come off deceptive for readers. To distinguish the thin line between the good and the bad, there can be more regulations put in place.

6. Marketers More Accountable for ROI

Online marketers will be more accountable for return on investment (ROI) this year. As content and social marketing become increasingly important in 2014, marketers can utilize content marketing platforms where they can target specific prospects and customize content for each channel. This means that the role of marketers grows even more.

7. LinkedIn Will Have a New Role as the Go-to News Source

LinkedIn will have a new and important role in 2014. It will be a go-to news source and a go-to distribution channel for B2B marketers. LinkedIn has over 259 million members, with 142 million unique visitors a month. With the size of its audience and its capability to target a specific market, online marketers will continue using their distribution budgets on LinkedIn's sponsored post products.

8. Mobile-Friendly Content Will Be a Must-Have

56% of American adults own a Smartphone, while 91% own a cell phone, a recent study shows. In 2014, we can all expect phone usage to increase and content marketers should prepare for this. Marketers should be able to provide phone users the same brand experience on their mobile phones as they would on a computer. Latitude reports that 61% of people feel better about a brand that provides a good mobile experience.

9. More Need for Ad Retargeting

Ad retargeting is a smart marketing strategy that uses browser cookies. These cookies track the website that a user goes into and once they leave, the products or services they viewed will reappear again in the form of ads on other websites. Why is this so effective? For one, only 2% of traffic converts during the first visit. Second, ad retargeting helps increase brand awareness and increase the overall conversion rate. The more the consumer sees your brand, the more trust is built.

10. Consolidation of Distribution and Content Budgets

Before, distribution and content budgets were separate from each other. But the fact of the matter is, great content won't generate ROI if it's not distributed properly. Agencies are better off resolving this separation to improve workflow as well as make it easier for everyone in the system when dealing with the budgets for content creation and content distribution.

There you go, the top 10 online marketing trends that you should watch out for this year. Equip yourself with the right marketing strategies early on so making any adjustments later will be a piece of cake.

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