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Majority of us are mindful on the subject of SEO, an online promotion approach, which is put into practice to make a blog more prominent in the search results of any search engine aligned with any related search term. By its very nature, Search Engine Optimization makes up with two lines of attach. First: the on page optimization, second: the off page optimization. Both lines of attach have more than one factors which put lots of effect on ranking of a web page. To get good ranking for the web page, there are a variety of sub lines of attack under both the lines. Link building is one of its kind which comes under the off page method wherein, it is tried to make backlinks from a variety of domains to the specific web page.

As shown in the heading of this article above, here I would like to write about the features of good links. A backlink is a hyper link on any page redirecting to the specific web page. The Link building is considered an essential technique, if applied in a good manner, can make available good results. It is same as "what you farm is what you derive from". If you have build links with respect to moral principles, you will be successful to achieve good and steady results soon but, if you are doing spamming or going after the techniques which are immoral from the viewpoint of the search engines, you may be panelized for search engines. So, it is good to follow some good standards and guidelines of a good link building technique.


I will make clear it with an illustration. Suppose here is a backlink of a website related to car sale & purchase on a shoes shop. Here you can see clearly that here is no content relevance among the car dealing business and the link holder website that is a shoes shop website. This backlink is not promoting user understanding by any means so it will be taken a link of no use. Such kinds of backlinks are not ready to lend a hand for your online business and come under the class of unrelated links having not any bearing on or connection with the subject. However, if an auto website is making a backlink from a content or directory created on the high performance auto website, then it will be very helpful. It shows the content relevancy clearly.

The next sort of relevance is the Geographical relevance. If you are making backlink with web pages that are hosted in the similar geographical location then it will also be helpful for your website. Such as, if your business is belonged to UK and you are enlisting your website on UK business directory then there are good chances to get ranked on UK version of Google.

Link from Different Websites for Diversity

It means diversity among the resources of the backlink web pages to your website. Such as, if you are enlisting your website only on your business related websites then it may not better for your website in providing a good rank after a time. It is helpful to make links by a variety of techniques. Those range of techniques consisted of blogs, article directories, profile links, related forums and social media etc. If you are building backlinks by the use of a single approach then it may be taken as an effort to influence the algorithms of search engine. You must follow authentic SEO tips and guidelines to build links so you’ll never slip on the road of ranking in a long run.

Domain Authority and Page Rank

It includes different factors like domain name, Page Rank authority and the type of a backlink that the website is offering, do-follow or no-follow. We know that a backlink from a domain having higher page rank is more helpful from a backlink from domain having a lower page rank. But PR is not the only factor play in this game; DA is its vital partner to make your site win actually. A wise webmaster will never go for PR7 site with DA just 10. So you have to keep a balance between these two factors before taking the decision of getting a backlink from any site in your niche.

Though you can find more factors and things you need to focus upon while gauging the strength of a backlink but these 3 features will always remain at the top. In conclusion, a backlink from relevant and authority site is much better than 10 backlinks from high PR but irrelevant sources with poor DA and no traffic or social signal at all.

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