Posted by : Amanda Stein Thursday, January 16, 2014

Once again, Google's working on making their products more efficient for their users. Will they stop at nothing to make us happy? I think not!

Yesterday, the Official Chrome Blog announced the launch of an update to Chrome for Mobile which will hit the Play and App Store within the next few days. This update will include some great new features for both iOS and Android Chrome Apps.

Update #1 - Data Compression

As probably one of the more exciting features of this update, data compression will be saving smartphone users data -- and large amounts of data at that! When this feature is enabled, data usage can be decreased by 50% and will enable Chrome's Safe Browsing technology to help protect users from malicious websites.

Once you've installed the updated, enable this feature by visiting Settings > Bandwidth Management > Reduce Data Usage.

Another handy feature to this update is a data usage tracker which will be available for users to view the amount of data they would have and have used each month, as seen below:

Update #2 iOS - Translate 

While available in Chrome's Android app already, translate has been a much missed feature of the iOS release. Wait no more! Translate will be coming to your iOS Chrome is just a matter of days.

Update #2 Android - Application Shortcuts

If you're a previous iOS user, this may be one of those features you missed when switching over to Android. With the release of this new update, you'll be able to save your favorite sites directly to your homescreen.

For more information about this update and to read the original release, visit

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