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With the fast increasing competition level in the digital world and the surge in the cost of website development, it’s high time for web designers to look around for proactive ways to earn more from their clients.

Simply put, if you are a web designer, you must adapt to the latest trends and increase the invoice per client. This will not just help you make more money, but also ensure client satisfaction as well.

This post unfolds the 5 proven ways every web design company, or a web designer, can use to increase their income from web development projects.

Website Maintenance as the Post-Development Service

Your client would certainly ask you if you would be there to assist if something goes wrong after the launch of the website.

And of course you can be there, but for some price!

Crash in CMS plugins or up gradation of plugins are common as well as frequent scenarios once the website is launched. Website maintenance is an inevitable part of running a successful fully-functioning website.

Discussing the ongoing website maintenance service with a client in the initial stage itself ensures you won’t need to do any weird post-development upselling, and the client will feel peace of mind too.

Optimization of Conversion Rate

You can’t anticipate the exact behavior of the visitor of the site you have built. And this is when the conversion rate optimization service comes on the scene. These days most of the website design Melbourne companies are offering this service in post-development web service category.

The conversion rate optimization service typically includes:

  • Building the complete experiment comprised of hypothesis, controlled variables, and the proposed variations 
  • Supervising the experiment using software like Visual Website Optimizer or Optimizely
  • Updating the client with the experiment results and recommending the changes 
  • Implementation of the design changes

Internet Marketing

The key reason why your client has invested a large chunk of their hard earned money in developing a website is the fact that they believe the website will generate a myriad of new business opportunities for them. Internet marketing is an additional service that you can offer to the client in order to meet their main business objectives.

Being a designer there are fair chances, you lack the expertise of internet marketing. But you partner with a company that offers this service. Remember, there are numerous web design companies and SEO companies across Australia that offer internet marketing service. But before you enter the long-term relationship with the company, have some patience, do some homework over the internet, compare the packages and its components, and of course compare the prices before you seal the deal.

Managed Web Hosting

For many years, web hosting has been a common way for designers as well as developers to make some extra money. So, start offering hosting service to your clients!

Research & Development

The web world is evolving so fast that web designs are becoming outdated before the bread in your house becomes stale. Keeping trace on the future of the web and sharing your research with a client is a great way to go closer to them and pre-sell the coming soon plugins or a new technology.

What’s your idea of making more money? Adapt the web design trend that help both you and your client increase the revenues.

About the Author: The author is working with a leading website design agency in Melbourne. He is a regular technology blogger of many renowned and popular online portals.

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