Posted by : Amanda Stein Sunday, January 19, 2014

With the daily additions of latest technology to the tech-market, it can be hard to keep up with what is new and what is best of them all. The following read is a must to get to know what should be on your to-get list today.

Where Samsung does not seem to be getting tired by introducing fancy handsets to the market every day, Apple does not want to lag behind. It jumped right back in the game when iPhone 5 hit the market and settled itself on the ever-present buzz of the iPhone pizzazz. Apple has announced the expectation of a new arrival to the Apple family – the iPhone 6. With iPhone 5, though generating enough hype to get people excited, did not win as much of a market share as it would have expected while launching the gadget. Apple is going to make a run for it again, this time, an even slimmer iPhone.

Yes, behold – a slimmer iPhone is on its way. But its width is not the only revolutionary changes it is tagging along. It is rumored, as yet, that the body will have a new technology in the scope of 'liquid metal'. This could possibly bring a whole new look to its one and only home button. With nothing in its certainty, iPhone 6 might just have those track suit sizes available for you – the S, the M and the XL. With whatever strategies Apple plans to behold till the launch, it is pretty certain that the solid body will be have a striking difference from its older brother – iPhone 5.

Considering how fast the idea of wireless charging has spread across the technology kingdom, it only seems certain that Apple would have the perk of wireless charging for their new launch, the iPhone 6. This feature standalone itself could rank the new iPhone to a much higher popularity rate in the customer market. Since apparent whiz is always more well-received than what is happening inside the body of the gadget.

The processor could meet us in a better, improved and of course a more efficient version. This efficiency could probably increase battery power and give the iPhone users some room to breathe before their gadget cries out for another battery charge. Improved processor could of course point a better lifetime for the gadget.

But of course hardware is hardly the sole focus of customers today. The interest and awareness regarding software and operating system and its functionalities has not only given the mobile developers opportunity to advance on this basis, but also stay in a potentially-forever growing market. This takes us to the advances in the iOS. This operating system was born with a class; however, the latest updates of iOS seem to be lacking the fever the initial versions caused. Maybe they had the benefit of innovation, but iOS 7 certainly did win as much hearts as it expected with the complete operating system makeover strategy of Apple. Research surveys showed the immense higher adaptability to iOS 7 as compared to iOS 6.

With all that in the past, iPhone 6 launch will be accompanied by iOS 8. Other perks that are apparently bound to appear in iPhone 6 are motion detection and improved camera resolution, since both tend to appear strongly in its competitor gadgets such as Samsung Galaxy S4. As compared to the latter, the former has a long way to come in the field of image capturing. S4 has an outstanding image quality with likeable results and stand in a great limelight when compared with image results of iPhone. So let us keep our fingers crossed what the advent in the Apple family brings us. With this race of advancements, it seems though the customers will only tend to benefit and enjoy themselves a good hand of new gadgets and software every year.

Author Bio: This guest post is contributed by Ryan More. He is Brand Manager at providing spy apps for Android, iPhone and Blackberry phones with advance tracking features. Follow Ryan on twitter @RyanMore3 and Like MobiEspion on Facebook.

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