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The work of non-profit organizations is a very noble one. Existing to be of service to those in need, it can sometimes be overwhelming to have to juggle through different cases. When there is a deluge of files, some method of organization is needed, so acquiring a case management software is very helpful:

10. Active Network

Active Network presents a method of managing clients that has worked for many companies and organizations for over 30 years. Through the system, you can input client/member details, facilitate donations, gain better control over all company functions, receive reports and permit payment processing--all for the convenience of customer relation management.

9. Apricot

Developed by CTK, Apricot Case Management Software is a system that many organizations have trusted for decades. The collection of features it offers include: appointment scheduling, goal planning and implementation, creation of release forms, service referrals, family and household linking, program enrolment and so much more. It is online-based, so it is practical and convenient for a wide array of users.

Price: Starts at $645 based on the number of users, plus $125 monthly fee.

8. ClientTrack

Client-track is a web-based case management software that functions to bring organization and efficiency to the day-to-day functions of health, human and social service organizations. It is an all-in-one solution with increased security and mobile functions. This software allows users to properly archive their case notes, assessments, client progress and so much more.

7. FamCare Connect Rapid Case Management

For an online-based case management, FamCare prides on being able to bring intuitive function to your workflow. It is fully-customizable so you can completely determine what gets on your dashboard. It runs nightly automatic backups so you know your data is secured. It also introduces “Pathways”, with form-creation function that will always keep you right on track. Most importantly, it makes sure that no more paper and clutter is lying around.

6. Office Prodigy

When the work is getting harder to handle, a case management software should give proper order. Conveniently track the company’s efficiency and success because every function is centralized by the software from appointments, to notes, to reports and even documents.

5. Salsa

Salsa Laboratories has developed a case management software that promises to deliver more and it starts with exemplary customer service. The system is very easy-to-use and allows simple migration from any old system you are currently using. It is an online-based software that helps you manage events, donations and fundraising endeavours for the benefit of your organization.

4. SAM

From InReach Solutions comes SimpleSAM, a case management software that specializes in helping organizations focused on the family and children. It is the jack-of-all-trade that combines functions such as case management, reporting and accounting so that you do not have to go anywhere else for what you need.

3. Social Solutions

ETO Impact, the case management software developed by Social Solutions, is the first software created by case managers for case managers. Whether you need it for analyzing participant demographic, managing referrals, indentifying key trends, monitoring participant attendance and measuring program and staff efforts, trust that ETO Impact will be the one you need. Watch the product demos or attend scheduled webinars to find out more about how they can help.

2. Sumac

When you choose Sumac’s case management software, you go through three steps: choose the right basic software, explore the different add-ons and freely customize your final order according to your liking. This case management software helps you access your clients’ files in one click, facilitates appointment setting and is useful for the formulation of action plans. Their website welcomes all potential clients to view the free demo or to give the software a try, for free.

Price: Bronze Edition - Free for 1 user only; Silver - $20 a month for up to 1000 clients; Gold - $45 a month for unlimited users and up to 30,000 clients; and Platinum - $400 a month for unlimited users and contacts.

1. TraxSolutions

NFocus Solutions presents TraxSolitions case management software, the next-generation software for non-profit and community-based organizations. Use it to track milestones, gains and changes made; to create detailed action plans; to monitor interactions and contact made; and to track information about participants.

In a busy office, it is easy to get lost and mix-ups are inevitable. The use of trustworthy case management software takes away the trouble so that you can stop worrying about managing cases, and focus more on delivering quality service to the people.

For more info about the latest software and technology please visit VagueWare.

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