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Long gone are the days of big, bulky machines that generated so much heat they were uncomfortable to sit near, today’s machines are sleek, slim and give new meaning to the old saying, ‘less is more’.

Space saving technology is in big time, just in case you hadn’t noticed, which as a tech savvy individual with their feet firmly planted in the digital age you most certainly would have.

Here we look at a few outstanding examples of space saving technology that’s perfect for small businesses with workplaces that would be crammed and cramped otherwise.

Compact printers

Whilst yesterday’s printers were well known for being decidedly the opposite of space saving, today’s high tech printers have reversed that trend. A good example of a compact yet complex printer capable of delivering high definition printouts is the Canon Pixma iP100, measuring just 12.7 x 2.4 x 7.2”.

Curvaceous power packs

It can prove difficult to power all those computers and gadgets in a small workspace, so a space saving power pack that’s curvilinear to the point where it can fit anywhere could be exactly what your workplace is in need of. Check out the Pivot Power Junior, a space saving power pack that fits anywhere and everywhere.

Mini fridges

Although not your standard item of office equipment, every workplace needs a drink fridge and if that’s all you need your fridge for – drinks and little else – you won’t find a better candidate than the Haier HCR17W Refrigerator/Freezer, a 1.7 cubic foot delight that retails for a trifling sum.

Mini PCs (Nettops)

Nettops are ultra-compact desktop computers that are perfect for basic computer tasks, like word processing and web-based applications. Some good examples are the Shuttle PC range and the Acer Aspire Revo, both of which have received overwhelmingly favourable reviews.

Mobile projectors

Not only an excellent alternative to a large flat screen television in a cramped workspace but also the perfect presentation aid for busy professionals on the go, mobile projectors like the Brookstone Pocket Projector Mobile, which is a little larger than a smartphone, are an excellent choice.

Rechargeable vacuum cleaner

Start-ups that haven’t reached the ‘outsourced cleaning’ stage just yet will love the range of rechargeable vacuum cleaners that hang/recharge on the wall. The Dyson DC35, which looks as futuristic as it sounds, will have everyone arguing over who’s doing the cleaning.

Space saving feng shui friendly layouts

It isn’t enough to possess space saving technology, especially if your office could do with a layout revolution, so complement the space saving technology you’ve procured with a space saving layout and notice the difference.

The centipede arrangement – Something to improve upon

Only a feng shui master would use the word centipede with regard to layout, though this is an effective space saving layout that lends itself to workspaces of all sizes –which end of the centipede are you?

This is a popular arrangement in many offices; however, according to feng shui principles this style of layout is detrimental to the free flow of chi, plus it also encourages chatting and conversation which is generally detrimental to productivity.

The winding dragon

If you thought the centipede was as feng shui as you can get you obviously haven’t encountered the winding dragon, a vast improvement upon the centipede. This layout involves simulating a dragon’s path throughout the office using markings like coloured rugs, and the greater the dragon’s path, the better your business’s chances of success, aka wealth and prosperity.

By coupling space saving tech with space saving layouts your business can give new meaning to that old adage, ‘less is more’.

Author Bio: Lucy Iliffe is a writer for UC Solutions, uses the trading name to sell their products online. They have a wonderful shuttle PC range along with a number of tablets and computer peripherals available.

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