Posted by : Amanda Stein Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Increasing production is something that every business owner and management team wants to accomplish. But increasing company production can be a challenging task, and it's not always clear how best to go about it. Below are four ways you can help increase company production for the next quarter.

Train the Management

Effective managers are one of the best resources you have as a business owner in affecting change and productivity. By enrolling your managers in leadership training courses, you can help them manage more effectively and, as a result, productivity will increase. Courses usually only take a few hours, and they are time well spent and well invested.

With an increased level of management this will directly impact the level of which they will be able to handle employees, solve problems and even streamline processes. This will have an immediate impact on the trust level between employees and how they become invested in their work. If they feel their leaders are on the right track, they will be invested in the company.

Team Building

Team building efforts go a long way to creating a unified workforce, and a unified workforce is a productive workforce. Engage in an activity outside of work that benefits charity or helps the environment, or simply take time to host a fun team building game each Friday. Doing so will not only lighten the mood, but it will encourage your employees to work together and help each other out, which increases productivity.

With a comfortable environment employees can now ask questions that they may have put off, ideas will be offered more freely and in return productivity will be able to improve dramatically. There can be several options in the workplace that would offer team building that would be quick and easy, while providing the needed environment.


The appearance of your office, particularly where your employees work, actually has a lot to do with how productive they are. Studies have shown that dark or dimly lit workplaces foster negativity and can even cause depression in employees. However, well-lit and brightly painted workplaces foster an energized and productive workforce. A coat of paint and a change in lighting can go a long way to improving how your employees feel, and that can translate into dramatically improved productivity.

Office equipment may also have an impact on how employees feel. If there is limited workspace that they are not able to make there own or chairs are continuously uncomfortable, it could be a constant distraction and would prevent them from working effectively.


If you want to inspire productivity, set up an incentive program and allow employees to compete or be rewarded for how productive they are. Set levels of productivity that are measurable and track employee progress publicly, such as on a white board. This will encourage employees to work harder and be more productive, and is also a great way to reward employees that work hard for you. Going along with this theme, the prizes can be anything from bagels on Friday to a trip to New York for the top producers, it completely depends on your company's culture, your budget, and what you feel is appropriate.

Finding areas that need improving or consistently on point will be the deciding factor on what the prizes and incentives are. If productivity needs to be increased and incentives are already in place, it could also be possible to make the rewards more aggressive. Re-structuring an incentive program can be as easy as writing out a plan and having a company meeting, it can be a quick solution for an ongoing problem.

Small changes and efforts can lead to measurable results. By training your management to lead effectively, fostering a team environment, improving the workplace environment through small renovations, and providing incentives to your employees, you can drastically improve your productivity next quarter.

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