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If you have decided to take a leap out on faith and pursue your dreams of opening up your own business, there are a variety of innovative marketing strategies and ideas you should employ in order to ensure the success of your fledgling start-up. One of the dominant reasons why many new business start-ups fail within the first few years of operation is due to a lack of marketing creativity and ingenuity. Here is a list of ten innovative marketing ideas for your business

1. Invest in Social Media

One of your first priorities as a new business owner is to take advantage of social media outlets like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. If you are developing relationships with your online audience, you are potentially missing out on hundreds if not thousands of customers.

2. Attend local chamber of commerce meetings
You want the local community to immediately know you are a startup business in the area. Going to chamber of commerce meetings will not only give you the ability to network with other business owners, but market yourself indirectly through other businesses that might refer your services and products to their customers.

3. Develop a content strategy
Major search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing are placing more and more emphasis on all forms of content, whether it be written like blog posts, articles and eBook, as well as other media like YouTube videos, podcasts, etc. Develop a comprehensive content strategy that will bring people to your site. The more content you have, there is a stronger likelihood that people will share you content, thus improving your SEO rankings.

4. Invest in Organic SEO tactics

Whether it's article marketing, developing backlinks, keyword research or optimizing your site for SEO purposes; you need to make sure you are investing in cost-effective organic seo tactics to improve your site's visibility within search engines.

5. Go Mobile

Ensure your site is mobile-compatible. More and more customers are using mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones as a means of discovering new businesses, services and other goods. Customer want to still enjoy a seamless user experience on mobile sites.

6. Get Feedback

In order to improve your marketing strategy, you need to constantly stay on top of getting feedback from your clients and customers about your products and services. You should use a variety of tools like mindshare feedback management technologies in order to create and disseminate surveys to your customers to gain their feedback. This will help you improve the quality of your products and services, thus making your customers happier and increase their likelihood of coming back.

7. Blog

Get into the habit of blogging. By constantly blogging and creating conversations about your business, customers will begin to interact with you more, thus improving your relationship with them. This will help increase sales tenfold.

8. Get on YouTube
Outside of generating written content; get into the habit of making commercials and other promotional videos for YouTube. Start a YouTube channel to help promote your business.

9. Write case studies

Customers want to see how your services or products have serious impact. Get into the habit of developing attractive case studies that highlight the successes of your business and what you have done for customers. Also use case studies to educate customers about your product and services and how it can help them.

10. Hold webinars
A way to entice customers to buy your products or services is to host webinars. These online conferences will give you the ability to present valuable information to customers about your products and services.

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