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The business landscape has been drastically changed by the Internet. Businesses can now reach a larger audience without geographic restraints. This also means that people can run a business on the go, with the use of a smartphone. Take a look at these seven ways that you can run your business from a smartphone.

Hold Meetings Face-to-Face with Clients and Employees

Business owners have been holding meetings over the phone for a long time, but most people prefer to meet in person to discuss business matters. With a smartphone, you can now hold video calls and chat face to face with your clients and employees. All you need is a video conferencing app, such as Skype or Webex. Then, you can see up to five people at one time. The best part is that some of the call participants can be on computers instead of smartphones because the apps work together on the Internet.

Manage Other Employees

When you’re running a business on the go, it’s hard to manage all of your employees because you can’t supervise them in person. However, there are several apps that can help you keep an eye on them. For instance, you can install cameras in your office and then watch live feeds on your smartphone.

You can also login and monitor employee phone calls and client communications. Additionally, BlackBerry's mobile device management software lets you manage the devices that your employees use for business, especially if you use a BYOD program. You can mandate security updates and require your employees to use stronger passwords on their own smartphones.

Get Organized

All business owners need to have a certain degree of organization to be successful, and your smartphone can help. There are several smartphone apps that make your life easier as a business owner. For instance, Bento is a multitasking app that gives you quick access to business-related items, such as invoices, inventory lists, items sold lists, and even expense reports. Then they are synced back to your computer automatically. G Tasks is another useful organization app. It connects with Gmail and Google Calendar to keep you organized with a to-do list.

Sell Your Stuff from Anywhere

Selling stuff is the ultimate goal of your business, and smartphones enable you to do it anywhere. For instance, you can rent a booth at a trade show and sell products to people that want to pay with a credit card. This was a big hassle in the past because you had to write down the credit card numbers and input them manually.

Now you can use point of sale apps on your smartphone to complete these transactions instantly. One such app is Square. It requires a separate device that you plug into your smartphone to swipe credit cards. All of your profits are then deposited automatically into your bank account. There is only a 2.75 percent fee per item sold.

Access Company Documents with Ease

The main reason that people used to have to go to an office to do their work was so that they could connect to the business server. VPN connections then made it possible for people to work remotely, although the connection was typically slow. Now, however, people can access business information through the Internet by signing into a secure cloud storage account. This can be done from a smartphone, too. Through cloud storage, you can have instant access to your company documents while you’re on the go.

Look Up Information

Smartphones make it easy to access the Internet, especially if you have 4G coverage in your area. All you need to do is download an internet browsing app and use your phone just like you would on a computer. Most phones actually come with an internet browser already installed for you. The Internet is useful for business owners because they can look up directions, do market research, and get any information they need while away from the office.

Track Your Business Hours and Mileage

Business owners have to keep track of a lot of things for tax purposes, such as mileage. They also need to know how many hours their employees are working to do payroll. Luckily there are apps that simplify this process. Trip Cubby, Mileage Tracker, and Miles Trac are three apps that help you record mileage. Miles Trac even has the option for users to keep multiple accounts to see employees’ mileage, too. To keep track of time, you can have your employees punch in and punch out with either the ClockIn or My Work Clock apps.

These are just a few ways that smartphones make it easier to run a business on the go. How do you use your phone for business? Leave a comment below.

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