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Fair Weather Banners

One of the most effective advertising strategies during the summer months is to advertise outdoors. And with everybody outside anyway, why wouldn't you! You have such a wide variety of ways to get your message to a public that hungers for your product! And who can resist looking at sky dancers moving to the beat of no drummer or an airplane banner flying above the lake? There may be many more permanent ways to make an impression, but few that are more fun. These outdoor advertising opportunities work wonders when the weather is fair, but the sad truth is that summer is ever so brief and we still have to worry about the other 9 months of the year.

For my money, I think that one of the best ways to corner the outdoor advertising market during these months of sad weather is to diversify. Such a wide variety of outdoor opportunities exist that it is a pity not to use them all to your best advantage. Effective outdoor campaigns can be run during colder and wetter months. Exhibition stands are not just for convention floors these days, but can turn a high-traffic sidewalk outside a local business into a regular stop for weary careerists desperate for a few minutes away from the grind of the office. If you haven't the staff to spare manning the stand, you can always post a banner stand or a promotional banner at these locations so that your brand is still out there for them to see.

Not Mildew-proof

While it is a great idea to thumb your nose at mother nature, you have to realize that the woman can be a tad vengeful. You may find that your exhibition stands have fallen victim to her rage. Where did all that mildew come from anyway? How did this banner fall apart when the label clearly said it was waterproof? These are the perils of the enterprising outdoor ad man. Fortunate for you, my friend, that you can read and chose to read this article, because I am going to tell you how to ensure that those eyeballs will be glued to your product until Christmas. With a few simple steps, you can protect your flags and banners from the very worst that the elements can toss at them.

The first thing to keep in mind is that waterproof does not mean mildew-proof. The black death of advertising banners is just waiting to make a colony of your beautiful banner. Correct placement of the banner under an arch or a ledge can keep enough of the rainwater off of it to prevent mildew's intrepid encroachment. If you have ever brought in a flag or banner after a few months outdoors and wondered how it got so tattered, you can be certain that the culprit was the wind. If you have a promotional banner with four stays, make certain to wind them as tightly as you are able. The more taut the ropes are, the less flapping the wind will cause. This will not only make certain that less wind damage results, but also make your banner more visible and easier to read.

Other Options

If you have the manpower to spare, and the boys don't mind braving the cold, a collection of exhibition stands can be a great place way to defy the elements, as they are one of the most resistant to the elements. Although it may take extra work, a mobile booth can be the way to go if you do want to break it down and move out during the most inclement weather. Whether your exhibition stands are mobile or enduring, be mindful of their placement. Placing your stand directly between the gutters of a nearby skyscraper and the storm drain may not be the best idea that you ever had.

Author Bio: Daniel Evans has worked with some of the most prestigious marketing projects in his career. He specializes in Digital Art, Concepts and Innovations. He worked with a few PR firms before deciding to go on his own as a major marketing consultant for private firms. As a lover of art, he likes to toy around with digital graphics while using words to create powerful messages. He frequently recommends clients use a promotional banners and signs in their campaigns.

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