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Many people might be offended by this, but it is true. There is no privacy anymore! It sounds creepy, like some late-night thriller movie, but if you stop thinking about it, in the past the only place where you were reasonably assured that no one was watching was at home with all your shades drawn and the doors locked. But remember this: in order to be truly alone and unwatched, you will also have to stay off the Internet too; because, like it or not, Facebook is watching. Everyone should realize: if you get on Facebook, you should forget about privacy!

Everybody’s doing it

It is a phenomenon that spans the generations. Everyone loves to post pictures of every event in their lives. Birthday parties, vacations, first (and last) dates, and of course our pets all make their way onto our pages as we share every aspect of our lives with friends and family members. It’s hard not to look suspiciously at someone who admits to not having a page, like they have something to hide!

So if everyone does it, it can’t be bad, right? Not necessarily. Like I said before, when you venture onto Facebook, you have to realize that there is no such thing as privacy anymore for several reasons. First of all, every time you post, you are putting information out about yourself. I have a friend that loves cats, and it doesn’t take long looking at her page to realize that! I have another friend that is a devoted fan of certain sci-fi shows and she posts constantly about them. There isn’t probably going to be a huge problem in either of these people’s lives because they share their interests, but what about others? Is there such a thing as sharing too much? The answer, I think, is a resounding YES!

Sharing is caring?

Everyone has that friend that just can’t resist posting every little thought or event in their day. Truthfully, I like food, maybe a little too much, but I don’t like reading every menu of every meal! It’s the same with hobbies and pastimes. It’s great that you work out or have gone on vacation, but who is watching your house when you are gone? While you’re posting those awe-inspiring pictures or boasting about those killer abs you’re developing someone could be taking advantage of your absence to check out your home. It’s frighteningly easy to figure out when someone’s house will be vacant.

Not to mention how advertisers track what we “like” on Facebook. That cat-loving friend I’d be willing to bet gets tons of advertising for pet products, veterinarian services, and animal charities. How do they know to sell to her? She told them whether she meant to or not. Every time someone shares a product, a cartoon, or a web connection, they are also sharing their potential buying habits to product manufacturers who pay huge sums to track just such things on Facebook pages.

It isn’t called the World Wide Web for anything

Everyone who posts to Facebook should treat their information as if it was going out to the whole world. No matter what your privacy settings are, there is the potential for that information to be viewed by anyone, anywhere. We’ve all heard the horror stories of people who have lost their jobs because of venting to their friends on Facebook. The rant somehow finds its way into the wrong hands and next thing they know, they are unemployed. Prospective dates can look over a Facebook page to get a general idea of what that person is like; potential employers can do the same. Friends can and do share photos, and your personal image can be passed far and wide without your ever knowing. As uncomfortable as it is everyone should realize:

Nothing is private on Facebook.

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