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Smartphones and other mobile devices have developed from its simple features of making calls, receiving calls, and web browsing to being able to track the location of your lost phone and search the location of a particular person. This was made possible through the breakthroughs in the world of mobile technology. A lot of applications are already available in the market which provides cell phone tracking services. These are classified as either social tracing apps or security tracing apps. Moreover, they are created according to a certain OS platform or mobile device.

Find My Friends

If your friends utilize devices powered by iOS, then Find My Friends is excellent for you to use. In using this app, you have to place the Apple IDs of your friends in the contact list. However, this action will automatically inform your friends of your location which slightly invades privacy. Good thing this app gives you the option to reveal your location or not.


You can install mSpy onto the devices ran by Windows, Android, and iOS. This app is an efficient tool in tracking cell phones and is especially valuable due to the rich set of various features. Users have the opportunity to monitor call logs, text messages, be in the know regarding the files stored onto the smartphone or tablet. It is also easy to restrict the access of the target phone to particular websites and apps which seem to be suspicious. This software has GPS locating option as well and allows to find the cell phone if it’s lost.

Google Latitude

This is a multi-dimensional cross-platform app which is powered by Google. Individuals who have devices operated by Blackberry, Symbian, Windows, or iOS platforms can be tracked without difficulty by this app. Google Latitude is simple to install. Furthermore, it can track the location of a mobile device efficiently and a web browser can be utilized for this. Tracing locations is done by logging in to your Google account and then accessing Google maps. On the other hand, the battery of the mobile device drains so fast with this app.

The aforementioned apps are used for social tracing. When you lose your phone, there are also apps available which can help you find your phone.

Lookout Mobile Security and Plan B

In finding your lost Android phone, a web-based control panel is offered to you by this app. Through this, you can sound the alarm and deactivate the silent mode of your phone. Furthermore, you can determine the location of your phone by enabling the GPS even if you are in a remote area. If you have not installed any tracking software on your phone and your mobile device got lost, you can use the Plan B of Lookout. This allows you to install the app on your phone even if it is not in your hands anymore. You can do this through Google Play. When you are done installing, the app starts on its own. It then sends emails to your Gmail address about the location of your phone. If the location of your mobile device changes constantly, you can manage this by sending a text ‘locate’ from another device towards your cell phone number. Moreover, this app is definitely a great choice because it is equipped with antivirus software. This is the reason why Lookout Mobile Security and Plan B are highly availed by many Android users.

Find My iPhone

Apple Inc. is the sole owner of this app. It is only for the usage of iPhone users. Furthermore, you should have an iCloud or iOS5 set up so that you can make use of Find My iPhone app. You just have to log in to together with your Apple log in details when you have to find your lost phone. The said website will locate your phone. It also allows you to send a text, erase the contents of your phone, play a sound, or lock your phone according to your preferences.

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