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When you are moving, it’s akin to orchestrating an entire symphony in one fell swoop. There are so many moving parts to tend to in order to ensure that the entire process runs as smoothly as possible. This is particularly so when you are moving into a new home, where you must not only orchestrate the process of getting your belonging into the space, but also getting everything set up to the point where it feels less like a house and much more like your home.

Host a packing party: Much like having a moving company do it, but without the incurred cost. Have a group of family and friends come over and provide them with dinner and perhaps even some wine. Then, turn up the music and hand everyone a box so they can get to work. You can all work on one room at the same time or assign different groups a room. You might be surprised by how much you can get packed during one of these moving-related soirees. After all, people don’t generally mind helping out for a little food and drink.

Organize your belonging into room-specific boxes: Even if it isn’t the neatest packing job, just keeping everything that belongs in one room in a box at the same time will help when it comes time to unpack. Make sure to label each box accordingly so that you know what those boxes are. It’s also a good idea to pack a separate box full of those essentials that you know you will need the first day in your new house. This might include important papers, coffee maker, can openers, an outfit or two and anything else that you know you will need to put your hands on to get through the first few days in your new home as you sort things out.

Delegate where possible: Anything that you do prior to actually moving your stuff into your space to delegate tasks will make it easier for you to focus on getting settled. For instance, if you are moving into a home that is fairly far away, have your vehicle shipped to your new location. It might seem like something small, but the simple act of making sure your car is taken care of will put your mind at ease when it comes time to move personal belonging, furniture and the like. Auto shipping is relatively inexpensive when compared to the task of either driving the vehicle yourself over such a long distance or trying to figure out how haul the car while you are driving a do-it-yourself moving truck.

Place boxes into appropriate rooms when moving in: As you move items into your new home, place boxes in their appropriate rooms. This way, even if it takes you some time to unpack, you know precisely where things go at least in terms of the right rooms. Plus, this doesn’t clutter up common spaces with tons of boxes. Additionally, even if you aren’t sure of where things will go, you can still take items out of cardboard boxes (which attract bugs) and place them in dressers, closets, etc. Then, you have more time to get things where you truly want them to be.

Hang a few decorative items even if you aren’t done unpacking: Sometimes, the fastest way to make a new house feel like home is to put a few pictures on the wall. Unpacking can take weeks upon weeks to get through and during this time, the house may feel sterile. Mitigate this feeling with pictures on the wall, fresh flowers on the table and personal effects here and there.

Get settled: Get out and explore your new neighborhood. Drive your car – fresh off of the tractor-trailer from transport – around and get a feel for where the essentials are. Spend some time in your new house walking the space and discovering all of the little nooks and crannies that make a house unique.

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