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Do you get that mid-afternoon office slump on a regular basis? It could be just that you need an extra coffee (or one less!) or maybe the more drastic measure of office nerf ball is needed. One way to increase the flow of good energy on a more permanent basis is to add indoor plants to your space.

Feng Shui is a Chinese system aimed at controlling and enhancing the flow of energy, or chi, in any given space. Feng Shui proponents will tell you that there is good energy and negative energy in the universe and that our goal is to increase the good and decrease the bad in our personal environments. There are many ways to achieve these goals and one of the best is by proper utilization of indoor house and office plants.

From a practical stand point, plants help purify the air (arguably one of the greatest benefits of feng shui design), are easy to acquire for relatively little money, they'll be around for the long term (potentially!), and instantly make your space feel brighter. From a Feng Shui stand point, plants are the quickest way to increase the energies of wealth, prosperity, and safety in your space. Best of all, you don't need to be a landscape consultant to pull it off.

There are three plants that are ideal for office spaces and all three are hardy, hard to kill plants!

Money Tree

This plant is perhaps the most popular of all the Feng Shui plants. And no wonder, with its believed ability to attract the energy of wealth, why wouldn't you want to have one? Money trees are easy to care for. Their trunks grow in a braid and their leaves become long vines. It is best to help the vines grow upward instead of down if at all possible.

Remember that a plant is just a plant though. If creating wealth is your concern it’s just as important to evaluate your business plan as it is to keep this plant nearby! Having said that, taking care of your plant, making sure it has water and is trimmed of dead or dying leaves will help keep the positive energies flowing in your favor.

Bamboo Plant

This plant promotes the energy of safety and luck. Just like the money tree, bamboo is easy to care for and will live a long time. Because the stalks grow in an upward manner, this plant works to "uplift" the energy in your space. In nature, bamboo is very hearty. Practitioners of Feng Shui point to its calming and peaceful effects, especially when grown to full height in nature or in a garden.

Jade Plant

Looking to drum up more business? Hire a marketing firm and buy yourself a jade plant. When placed near the door to your business or office space (or near the cash register) the Jade plant is believed to attract the energy of prosperity. This is a succulent plant and has similar energetic qualities to the Money Tree. The leaves of the Jade plant resemble coins and are quite thick. For this reason, it is believed that the plant will help to absorb sound, thus helping to create a relaxed environment.

There are two main plants to avoid in terms of Feng Shui properties. The bonsai tree, while beautiful, is thought to attract the energy of stunted growth. And the prickly thorns of the cactus plant are believed to increase the negative energy in a space and will negate all the good vibes you're creating with the bamboo, money, and jade plants. Keep the cactus outside and opt for any plants you find beautiful - paying close attention to those with thick or rounded leaves. Choose plants not just for their Feng Shui properties but also for the feelings they engender in you. What catches your eye in the store? What's hard to kill? Choose healthy, beautiful, vibrant plants and regardless of what energies are being promoted, your own energy will stay high throughout the day.

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