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Even if you’re not going it alone—starting a business can be tough. There are just so many things that need to be taken care of, and sometimes even if you have plenty of resources, and you're surrounded by loads of great people it can still be incredibly difficult to manage. Unfortunately if you’re trying to start and run a one person business the going is even more tough. However, if you know how to handle a one person business—it’s actually pretty easy to manage. Read on to find out how.

Make Sure Your Knowledgeable About Your Business

Being knowledgeable about your business is fundamental. This is because if you know about your business already you don’t have to spend any time reading up and learning about the business. This meaning that you can allocate more time to the actual running of the business. Don’t worry if you don’t know everything about your business area, you just need to make sure that you know enough to manage the day-to-day running of your business.

Get Organized

When you’re on your own in the business world; being organized is crucial. Make sure that you always know exactly what needs to be done in order of importance. This will allow you to stay on top of everything and get the most important tasks completed first. If you’re not usually an organized person using a simple to-do list or an online tool such as Trello are great ideas.

Use A Phone Answering Service

Using a phone answering service is something that not a lot of one person businesses think to use. However, they’re fantastic for one person businesses to use for many great reasons. For example by using one there is never a risk of not being able to pick up the phone, which if you're running a business single handed can be a regular occurrence. They also add a professional feel to your business and can make your business seem much bigger than it really is which can really help to land clients.

Delegate, Delegate and Delegate

Just because you’re running a business by yourself it doesn’t mean that you have to do everything yourself. Whenever you can you should delegate work to other people via outsourcing. Doing so won’t cost a lot and will make managing your business a whole lot easier.

Surround Yourself With People That You Can Bounce Ideas Off

Even though you’re running a one person business, you don’t have to make every single decision yourself. Sometimes it’s better to seek the advice of others, and use them to bounce your ideas off. Therefore you should try to surround yourself and network with as many experts as you can so that when you are finding it tough to make a decision you have people that can help you.

Give Yourself Some Down Time

Trying to handle a business yourself can lead to a lot of stress and pressure. Because of this it is incredibly important that you allow yourself some down time. Always set some time aside that you will use to do other things apart from work and stick to using it. Doing this will allow you to come back to your business clear headed and with a fresh perspective.

This is a guest contribution by Georgia Webster. Georgia is passionate about blogging and loves sharing the knowledge she has gained from running her own small business.

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