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A well engaged employee is a valuable asset to an organization. Engaged employees doesn’t mean just happy and content employees. Employee engagement is that emotional commitment and attachment that an employee has with his/her organization and helps in bringing more synergy, more productivity, better service, longer stay and growth in interpersonal skills. Employee engagement is a sustainable level of high performance that benefits both the company and the employee. It is a win-win situation for both the parties.

Employee engagement activities play a pivotal role in motivating the employees and their performance level in an organization. A motivated and driven employee continuously seeks out ways to accomplish goals and looks at contributing something measurable to every new opportunity that comes in his/her way. Work with fun increases togetherness and team building among the employees. It relieves stress. But conducting a time and cost effective activity every month is a challenging task.

Some of the regular activities for employee engagement can be incorporating open forums to discuss employees’ issues or suggestions with the company HR, fun boards to display creativity, interdepartmental team building games, stress relieving exercises, meditation, different activities like birthday bash, employee of the month competitions, various other competitions like singing, dancing, acting etc.

Sporting activities are fun and keep the mind alert. Indoor and outdoor activities like carrom, badminton, table tennis etc can be conducted for employees so that they can strike a balance between work and play. Other activities include potluck lunch, picnics, carnivals, grand celebrations of festivals with music dance and other fun activities, carnivals, recreational activities etc.

Some other initiatives that are commonly practiced by HR departments are seminars, training programs, workshops. Such programs are intended more towards learning and developing competence level and are designed so that the employees are able to take on new responsibilities.

Some of these activities are purely fun and some include learning. Between these two extremes, lies an activity “Quiz”. These are learning with fun activities. Earlier these were only associated and limited to the evaluation and assessments of skills, abilities, knowledge etc. but today this activity can be used as an employee engagement activity in a variety of ways like internal employee communications, gamification of existing learning/ policy content and other brand building exercises.

Companies nowadays are struggling to retain the talent at the work and are looking for innovative ways in keeping their employees content and active. A break from their routine work will revitalize their spirits and bring out the best in them. After all, it is the employees who make or break the company.

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