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A website is the most important tool of internet marketing for any business and it is absolutely essential that the website and its pages are perfectly designed, the website content writing is excellent and the pages are in great working order. Good impression is lost if the site runs and opens slowly. This also holds true for WordPress pages. This guarantees loss of interest on the part of readers and visitors. The speed can be tested with the help of many tools that are readily available.

The speed can be hiked up once again according to your liking but that requires some amount of technical knowledge. However, the plugins will surely help you in increasing your visitor list for the WordPress site. It will load smoothly and quickly so that your readers are kept engaged and they read your content fully.

HyperCache- Your mobile sites are made operable with the help of this plugin and you are allowed to cache all data and memory on any device. The hosting done by you also speeds up with help from this so that the fastest speed is kept all the time.

W3TotalCache- It allows you to cache JavaScript, posts, your site, searches, comments and almost everything you feel like loading uploaded copies of. Pages and posts can be compressed to manageable sizes as well. Using this is really easy; you just have to download the product. This plugin enables browser and disk caching. You do not even have to make the changes manually; it will do it for you.

WP-Minify- This helps connect to CSS and JS files and the files are compressed. The compressed files are minimized in cache form which enables the loading to be faster some time later.

WP-FileCache- This acts as a smaller alternative for W3TotalCache and HyperCache. You are allowed to cache information. However, the scale is smaller.

WPHTTPCompression- A WordPress site is allowed to output gzip format by it, which leads to less bandwidth use. This, in turn, greatly increases the speed at which the files to be opened runs.

Parallelize- Attachment files along with WordPress based website content writing can be automatically updated through multiple domains. The images can be loaded from a sub domain or their domain.

WPDatabaseOptimizer- Database optimisation can be controlled through the usage of this plugin. The automation process can be scheduled and speeds optimised on the WordPress site through this plugin.

DBCacheReloaded- The plugin is quite small but don’t go by its size. This powerhouse plugin will enable you to cache all the database queries for your entire lifetime. All settings can be controlled by you.

jQueryImageLazyLoadWP- This one allows the loading of heavy images to be delayed so that the viewer’s screen can be loaded first. Basically, it works by loading the page faster while the larger images are loaded afterwards. The feature of this plugin is to optimise images. These images are optimised according to the page speed requirements as formulated by Google and Yahoo. JPEG is optimised and all image uploads are indexed. GIF files are converted to PNG ones. Meta data and unused colours are stripped from the JPEG to make it lighter so that it uploads faster.

WPCSS- The main work of this plugin is to compress CSS files. The files are compressed from 30-50% which gives the pages a much faster speed when viewers try to open them.

The optimisation of the speed of loading pages enables the performance of the site to improve, allowing visitors to stay on the site and be hooked to it. This also enables you to get more visitors who, in turn, recommend your pages to their friends, families and acquaintances. For optimal results, you have to optimise the website and make it the most user-friendly. Good website content writing is, no doubt, of great benefit when attracting visitors to your sites but you also need some technical help. These plugins are great as that additional technical hand to help you achieve the desired results. Use these resources to ensure that your visitors do not leave your page and remain loyal to you.

AuthorBio: Sarmista Aun is a versatile writer. She has several years of experience in the field of content writing. She has contributed numerous articles on digital marketing.

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