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Professionalism in the workplace is a matter of your office environment, protocol, and general practices. While some offices require certain attire for example, there are others that really go for the business casual or even jeans and t-shirt style of dress. However, if you are in the type of office setting where the expectation is to maintain a certain appearance for image purposes, then there are several ways you can enhance your professionalism in the workplace.

Dress Code Basics

Obviously, there are dress code basics for even the most relaxed work environment, where certain clothing is simply out of place. If it speaks to a total lack of professionalism, it is best to steer clear from the type of clothes to work that even the worst dresser would not be caught dead wearing. To that end, every office has some kind of dress code policy included in the good old company handbook. Although nobody reads it thoroughly, it is assumed that a workplace dress code is common sense. For example, wearing tanks and sandals in a business office that engages with customers seeking financial consulting advice is not a good look. Generally, it is best to follow the rule of thumb based on common sense, whereby if you question whether your attire is appropriate then it probably shouldn’t be worn to work.

Business Casual

Business casual is one of the most common approved office attire categories. An office that allows a business casual dress code is mindful of the need to remain professional, while also ensuring all employees are able to wear affordable clothing to work each day. Additionally, business casual dress can easily be stepped up with the addition of a tie, handkerchief, and a good watch for men. However, if you wish to upgrade to wearing suits to work, be sure to wear initial cufflinks to polish off the professional look.

While, for women, a simple pair of business shoes with the right jewelry and other accessories will do the trick.

Dress The Part
To enhance your professionalism in the workplace, you want to not only dress for the job that you have, but try to dress for the job that you want. That is, instead of business casual, don’t be afraid to wear a suit and jacket to stand out. Not only will you appear more business like, you will gain respect for going a step above by taking the initiative in presenting an improved appearance.

If you're wearing a full suite, include something like initial cufflinks to show your attention to detail and sense of self.

Work Ethics

Part of any employee’s work ethics should include their ability to perform duties and functions satisfactorily at all times while meeting company goals and objectives. Also in developing positive work ethics, you can easily enhance your professionalism by aligning your career goals with the needs of the company.


Finally, you want to be a reliable and productive employee, one that performs above par, exceeding all expectations on a daily basis. By exhibiting good work ethics, a well-groomed appearance, as well as displaying a consistent ability to meet goals and follow company policies, you will be able to enhance your professionalism on many levels.

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