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One advantage of Android platform is that there are more functional apps free offered compared to Apple IOS and MS Win 8. However, most of them come with built-in ads in the meantime. This makes sense of course, as app developers need a way to make a living after they get nothing from the app itself. But from the angle of end-users, continuous yet useless ads indeed undermine the overall using experience. As a result, many users hope to find a way to remove or block ads. This post will show you how to block ads from your Android in 5 ways.

1. AdAway

If your Android device has been rooted, AdAway will be the best option, which is widely accepted and capable to block ads from most known sources with both browser and apps supported. As long as the "Download files and apply ad blocking" feature is applied, a couple of host files will be downloaded to your phone/tablet, keeping the external ad content out of your Android. For your favorite sites showing ads still, you can add the domain of the ad to AdAway's blacklist by typing in the domain under the "Menu" option. The ads will disappear after a reboot. 

In some case, however, crashes may happen to useful apps as a result of ad blocking. Thus we will have to show the ads so that the apps will work properly. Likewise, go to "Menu", choose "List" and "White" tab, type in the domains of the ads to add them to the whitelist. 

2. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus used to be the most popular ad-blocking app in the Google Play store, but was kicked out earlier this year as a result of the violation of Developer Distribution Agreement. Thereby people will now have no way to get this app from Google Play officially.

Fortunately, you can still access this app by sideloading. Search for "Adblock Plus APK download", allow installation of non-Market apps under the device settings, you will be able to have the app installed on your Android. Adblock Plus blocks ads in multi ways including banners, pop-ups and video ads.

3. Adblock Plus extension for Firefox browser

Together with the app version, Adblock Plus also offers a browser extension for Firefox. If you are a Firefox user, go to "Settings", choose add-ons, search for "Adblock Plus" and install. You will not see any annoying ads when you are on the Internet.

4. NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite

NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite is a rarely ad-blocking app approved by Google Play without rooting required. Features delivered by this app are restricted, however, which only blocks ads from specified Android games including Angry Birds, Temple Run, Fruit Ninja, etc. (over 100,000) instead of apps of all types. When using NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite, users need to first create an ad-block list by adding the ad-included games manually. Then start NoRoot Ad-Remover app and keep running in the background. When an app on the blacklist is running, NoRoot Ad-Remover will auto turn off the network connection to stop the ads. When the app is closed, the network connection will be restored. Note that this free version blocks ads from 2 games at most.

5. AppBrain Ad Detector

AppBrain Ad Detector is a versatile Android app to help users detect annoyances such as push notifications and privacy concerns, also tell users what apps contain ads. Similar to NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite, Ad Detector can be achieved free from Google Play as well. Because of this, AppBrain Ad Detector is not a real ad-blocking app, only suggests users what apps should be uninstalled.
The bottom line

The mentioned methods can work on most Android smart devices such as Google Nexus 4/7, Samsung Galaxy Note and regular Android phones. Refer to this post if you want to remove ads from the hottest eReader tablet, Amazon Kindle Fire (HD). Personally, I would recommend that we keep ads on our device as a support for the hard-working developers of those excellent apps.

About the author: Guest Post by Ada Wang. Ada Wang works for Epubor, which delivers eBook-related solutions to customers. In the meantime, she writes blogs concerning eBooks, eReaders and popular electronic gadgets for a collection of blogs.

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