Posted by : Amanda Stein Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A recent study has discovered that video is now a leading marketing tactic used by businesses online. Web video has long been know to make websites more ‘sticky’ by engaging visitors quicker and for longer periods.

If you’re thinking about making your own marketing video, we’ve got 5 tips which well help you produce the best footage for your business.

Know your audience
The primary reason for your video will be to add value to your website and for its visitors. It is important to take the time to research your audience and identify their needs. Try and get some feedback from customers on their recent purchases from you. What made them part with their money? Lastly, research keywords – it’s crucial they make an appearance in your video. Once you know, you can better focus your efforts.

Keep it short

Time operates very differently on the web. Humans are often an impatient bunch when it comes to browsing company websites and if your video is the first thing they see, it’s important not to bore them straight away. Consider 2 minutes a long time for marketing videos. Aim anywhere between 30 seconds and 1 minute and you’re onto a winner. Shorter videos will also help you focus on the key message.

Production value – it matters!

Technology has made the production and distribution of videos possible for anyone with a smartphone and YouTube account. This won’t work for business, though. Quality matters when you are advertising. Most viral videos on YouTube are professionally made and successful, as a result. Don’t skimp – invest in a video production company for the best result.


You need to get your hard work seen. Use social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook to announce its arrival and be vague yet intriguing enough about its content to get them clicking. In order to make it easily sharable by others, include social share buttons and code to enable the embedding of it elsewhere. If you’re wondering where to host your video, we highly recommend Wistia.

Test, test, test

Your first video may not produce the desired results, but don’t give up. Test new ways of creating your marketing videos and ask existing customers for their feedback. Listen to them and adapt accordingly. Like anything, it often takes a few tries to get something right – some of the best Hollywood directors will tell you the same thing!

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