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It takes a lot of effort for companies to stand out amongst the crowd when it comes to logos and famous signs. Placement and what type of sign can make the difference when it comes to creating a well-known brand. Here are a couple of examples of famous LED signs throughout the world and how they have brought fame to companies and locations alike.

Light It Up

It may not be a famous company by itself, but Las Vegas is certainly known for its flashy lights. Just take the welcoming sign for example. Though this diamond shaped sign is not made with LED lights, it is an icon for the city and the gateway to “Sin City” with the many casinos and amusements it holds. Known as well as “Glitter Gulch,” Freemont Street is well known for their lights and has created the opportunity for many more lights to add on to the city. In 2012, Las Vegas included a new LED addition – the world’s largest LED sign. This 18,000 sq ft. full motion sign is located right on the Las Vegas Strip. A perfect location for advertising in the city to locals and tourists, other famous LED signs in Las Vegas include those at the Fremont Casino and Casino Royale.

According to the October 2011 issue of Travel + Leisure, Times Square in New York City is the world’s most visited tourist attraction. In Times Square, you soon realize that you are surrounded by millions of bright LED digital displays advertising for brands such as Coca Cola and Budweiser. To keep up with its bright lights image, zoning ordinances actually require building owners to allow for illuminated signs to be displayed in Times Square.

Like New York City, London has its own Times Square LED light display at the Piccadilly Circus Square. This iconic area of London is known for its shopping and entertainment opportunities, making it a great place for tourists. The illuminated signs used to use incandescent light bulbs and neon lights, but were changed toe LED displays in 2011. Well-known brands such as McDonald’s, Gap, Samsung, and theatre productions such as Lyceum Theatre take advantage of these signs to grab the passerby’s attention.

In Tokyo, Japan, you will be able to find an outdoor-capable sign for just about anything: churches, directional signs at airports, and traffic control. Service sectors such as barber shops and restaurants will even use the bright LED black and neon orange signs to promote their business in place of permanent signs or images with basic images.

LED signs have created iconic locations and brands throughout the world. No matter your business or service, you will be sure to stand out in the crowd when you use a LED sign to promote your brand.

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