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Every business has areas that could use improvement in order to grow faster while operating at peak level. Bringing in a seasoned business consultant is a good way to spur innovation and growth. There is a common misconception that consultants are only needed during times of crisis. Or, only large companies have need for consulting services. Both of these ideas are myths. In fact, businesses of any size can and do hire consultants to help with a myriad of issues. Also, a business does not have to be in trouble to benefit from management expertise.

New or Old Company Needs a Boost

Start up companies often are unaware of some industry best practices that could help them avoid making common mistakes. Many new businesses fail because they mismanage their operating capital or are disorganized so much that the business becomes chaotic. A consultant with knowledge about starting a business could be brought in early on to help bring much needed structure and create a workable business plan.

Established companies may have one or two areas that are problematic. Sometimes businesses can get stuck in their ways and rely on methods that are outdated. Without new ideas or innovation, the business can become stagnant. A business consultant can be brought in to observe and find out where the key problems lay. Recommendations are made to management based on what needs fixing.


Branding is more than just a logo. It represents the company image to the public. Consultants help in this area by nailing down how products and services should be targeted to customers. If current branding is not strong, consultants may recommend an entire image change.


Marketing is one of the most important tasks that a business must do in order to stay competitive. There are multiple ways that a company can market itself. Most owners and managers are so busy running day-to-day operations that they neglect the marketing end of things. A consultant can assist companies in planning and implementing a targeted marketing strategy that covers all forms of advertising and promotion.

Customer Service

Poor customer service is an area where some businesses struggle. When customers perceive that they are not being treated fairly, or with enough respect, they may sour on the company and go to a competitor. Customer service problems often stem from lack of proper employee training. Consultants can revamp this part of the business and ensure that all employees are motivated to provide excellent service to all customers.


Company operations may be leaking money in numerous areas due to spending too much on buying products and utilities. An expert consultant in this area can research all contracts with vendors to find where money can be saved.

Leadership Development

Sometimes consultants are brought in to train company management in how to effectively lead their departments.

Employee Training

One or more consultants may be hired to conduct special employee training sessions.

What Type of Business Consultant Do You Need?

Once a business has made the decision to bring in a consultant, or hire a consulting firm, the next step is deciding what kind of consultant is needed. Making the wrong choice could end up being not only a waste of money, but it could put the business on the wrong path. It is important to take time to research various consulting service providers in order to find the best fit.

Get an Expert

Ideally, you want a business consultant that specializes in a particular area. A person that is an expert in their field won’t waste valuable time or resources on figuring out what needs to be done. An expert comes into the business and quickly finds problems. They will make their recommendations based on their years of training and hands-on experience.

Do not just take someone’s word that they have the needed expertise. Do a thorough check of the consultant’s credentials and work background. A seasoned professional should have references that can be checked to verify they know what they are doing.

Structured Plan

Before hiring the consultant, you could insist that they create a structured plan for the business. This plan could include a mission statement, goals and specific tasks that need to be performed.

This post comes from Naked Business Consulting in Melbourne, Australia. They are dedicated to helping business take the leap of faith required to expand internationally.

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