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I am sure you read it already: Internet is one of the main channels in which you can promote your company these days. The only difficulty about it is that there is so much contradictory information out there on how to market their products/services online that things can get really confusing for an entrepreneur who is new to the topic. So I think writing a basic guide about it could be handy. Ready to start? Here it goes.

First thing you need to do is to look at your own site

When we speak about Internet marketing, we need to first focus on your own site for a moment. There are technical things to care about, and there are human things to care about.

In the technical field, you need to make sure of two things. The first and most important is that your website should load fast on your visitor's computer —the faster the better, as a matter of fact. To achieve this, web designers make use of a number of techniques, like using image sprites and saving scripts as separate files, things I'd rather not enumerate in this article to avoid making it extremely long. The point is that your website needs to be fast, and if you want to make sure how it is doing in that field, a simple consultation with a search engine optimization expert can help you sort it out.

The second technical thing you need to check out about your own site is how comfortably it opens on a mobile device. Does it open as a tiny copy of the computer version or it has its own mobile design, composed to help you achieve your goals? If your site doesn't have a mobile version yet, and given the rise of mobile Internet viewing all around the world, I think you should take your site for a redesign first. Else, you run the risk of putting money, hours and effort trying to market a website which does not provide an optimal experience to the visitor, and might just make you waste time.

Now let's look at the human side of your site. Basically there are two things you need to take care of. The first one is to remove all distractions while keeping the design look good. What are the most common distractions? Well, auto-starting music and videos sure take the top of the list. If you don't believe me, picture yourself the last time you browsed online and you were annoyed by that "so nice melody" that interrupted a song by your favorite rock band you were listening to. Next on the list is large pictures and animations. Hey, don't get me wrong. I am not telling that you should remove every picture from your site, OK? Just make sure that every image you post has a purpose and contributes to the goal you have set for each of your web pages, whichever this might be.

The second thing you need to review is text and layout. Internet is mainly a written means of communication; and if you are creating a website to try to sell something, then you need to make sure both your text and your layout contribute to that end. Rewrite if necessary. Ask your friends about it. And, above all, test it.

Testing your site before getting into a full blown online marketing campaign

OK, this is something few people do and actually it can save you a lot of time and money. Test your site by investing in advertising. It doesn't really matter in which platform you invest. What matters is that you need to receive at least a thousand online visitors (without spamming) to see with your own eyes how real people interested in your service or product (they clicked on your ad after all, didn't they?) are reacting to what you have offered them on your site. It sure will cost you some money, but online ads are cheap these days, so sure you can get a good bunch for less than 50 bucks. Investing in a real SEO company would cost you way more, so it is worth testing first.

Once you see the reactions in the statistics, you can make decisions without guessing. If they stay on your page and request more information or a quote, then your site is ready to serious online marketing activities, and it will be worth hiring a SEO agency to start promoting it. If they do not stay, then try to get some advice on online marketing from a qualified (and not self-proclaimed) expert. You will notice the difference fast, to be honest. If he "doesn't get it", then just drop him.

About the author: Jorge Enrique Aguayo is a member of the Search Engine Optimization team at InTechCenter, a multinational web design and software development company which provides software, web and online marketing solutions to customers all around the world.

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