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Content marketing has been around for a long time, but it has become one of the hot marketing strategies in recent years. Here are 7 examples of B2B marketers using content marketing right.

General Electric

General Electric uses content marketing to share their activities through various channels. For example, they created a site called, which publishes articles, information and graphics about clean energy and saving the ecology. They measure the value of the content on the site by how often it is shared by readers. For every B2B client interested in the latest environmental issues, the site has become a trusted forum and center for conversation.


ShipServ is a marketplace for the shipping business. Their product is highly technical. They used a two-minute video featuring animation to communicate with their prospects in a friendly way. Rex, the star of the stop-motion animation, is a spare parts supplier. With his overalls and blue cap, he shares the company story with humor. The animation was hugely successful in driving B2B prospects into their marketing funnel.


Content marketing takes many forms. AtTask, a leader in project management applications and enterprise work management, makes extensive use of podcasting. Their site is the headquarters for the TalkingWork podcast. They share how they do their work and some best practices they have developed. As the podcast grew, the company saw an increase in requests for expert knowledge in their niche.


Cisco has been one of the most aggressive content marketers in the technology space. For example, their web documentary called "The Network Effect," is a series of stories from inventors and innovative individuals that were instrumental in developing technology. There are no direct sales pitches or calls to action. Instead, Cisco uses the high-quality documentaries to tell compelling stories that position the company as a helpful thought leader and concerned citizen.


Logitech was seeking ways to use content marketing to reflect the spirit behind the company. As a computer peripherals maker, their goal was to tap in to changes in technology affecting their customers. With the rise of mobile computing, Logitech saw an opportunity to create a series of web videos called "The New Office." Instead of focusing on products and services, the series tells compelling stories and then adds the company message in a natural way.

Limelight Networks

Limelight Networks is a global leader in digital presence management. What is digital presence? To help explain the concept, Limelight authored the book, "Digital Presence For Dummies," for Wiley Publishing. In short order, they garnered almost 10,000 views for their press releases and social media channels. The buzz created over $200,000 worth of potential sales.

Lattice Engines

To help show the influence of big data on corporate sales, Lattice Engines worked with a research company to produce a special report. Then they aggressively promoted the report with blogs, social media, videos and infographics. The end result was the report was downloaded more than 500 times. It was also covered extensively by related authority blogs and industry sites.

At the Orangesoda blog, you can find a lot of success stories. Whether creating a dedicated website, filming a documentary or writing a book, each of these firms is leveraging the power of content marketing to help build a successful brand in the marketplace.

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