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A positive work environment is one of the most important factors for any business. A negative environment can have some adverse effects on productivity, motivation and staff attendance. A business with a negative work environment will perform to lower standards compared to one with a positive one. There are several ways a business can improve its work environment and consequently it’s staff performance. These fit into different categories, but here are five fundamental and simple ways to create a positive work environment.

#1 Comfortable Equipment

With any purchase of a keyboard, computer monitor or chair, there are instructions for how to feel comfortable when using them. These instructions should be taken into great consideration, as one condition for any worker is that they are comfortable. Comfortable workers will feel happier to work and will in turn be more productive. An uncomfortable employee will tend to fidget more, encouraging them to become more distracted. The instructions will outline a comfortable sitting position, along with eye level for computer monitors. Following these instructions will allow employees to freely do their work and resist temptation or distraction.

#2 Social Interaction With Staff

Creating an environment where staff can interact with each other and make connections will enhance employee connectivity and ultimately motivate staff. Within the brainstorming aspect of a work team, staff who are familiar with each other will be open to sharing more of their ideas and will support the ideas of others they work with. Allowing staff to talk will make them happier within the workplace and give them more motivation to come into work, as they will look forward to seeing their friends. Although this can be a risky, with potential fall outs, relationships formed in the workplace are positive and will improve overall performance.

#3 Degree of Trust
Workers who feel shackled by their employers will not be interested in trying their best or working to their potential. Trusting employees with their work and not micro managing everything they do will give them the freedom and motivation to work well. Feeling trusted, they will look to prove and reward the employers trust by producing standout work, and will often try to go beyond the initial brief and expectations. Employers can promote more of this freedom by offering training opportunities and exercises to enhance their employees abilities whilst away from the presence of ‘the boss’. Trusting them to pick their own training will allow them to improve in the areas they feel need improvement.

#4 Recognition and Appreciation

If a worker is consistently putting in hard work and does not receive any recognition or appreciation for their work, they will simply stop putting the effort in. Recognizing achievement and appreciating employees will encourage workers to constantly look to improve and produce higher quality work every time. Linking back to the trust factor, appreciating an employees training outside of work will reaffirm the workers determination to improve, encouraging them to continue with it.

#5 Team Building Events
Although it may be a cliché, team building events are the most simple way to create a positive work environment. These events tie in with another aforementioned point - it encourages team relationships and open communication. These encourage a better work environment where everyone is free to discuss and share ideas, collectively working towards the common goal. Team building events help build upon the relationships and encourages new ones, encouraging a positive environment. They also help with training and getting messages across to staff in a fun and relaxed environment. At these events it is always easier for workers to listen to these ideas as there is no pressure to act upon them right away.

A positive work environment is something every business needs to strive for, whether they are in business for one month, or one year. Regardless of how many workers a company may have, it is important to factor in their comfort level and their work relationships with others in order to build a positive work environment which encourages better work completion and happier, more motivated staff.

This is a guest post written by Craig Henderson. Craig is a entrepreneur who is a firm believer that a positive work environment will generate better results.

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