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When you ship an item, typical, boring packaging options are the norm. However, you can actually double your shipping as advertising if you use the following ideas to spice up your shipments. When you use special advertising on shipping containers, the benefits are twofold. First, anyone that comes in contact with your product during shipping will see your logo. Secondly, you will make a name for yourself as a company that uses clever or attractive packaging. Both of these ideas will help establish your brand in the minds of customers and benefit you without costing a whole lot more.

Company Logo

The easiest way to make packaging your own is to place your company logo on the package. You can use a subtle logo on the return address, or use it on the outside of the box somewhere. Some companies use a logo tape to secure the box. You can use several small logos, one large logo, or a combination. Just make sure the logo is clearly visible on the box without obscuring the address fields in any way.

Decorative Designs

Another way you can make your packaging stand out is to use packaging with decorative designs. Everyone likes to receive a brightly-colored package in the mail, and that will add value to your brand. Depending on what you sell, you should use colors and designs related to your brand. For example, if you sell baby products, use designs of bottles, pastel colors, or even diapers. A company selling electronics could use neon and black packaging, or pictures of computers on the box. 

Shaped Containers

You don’t have to stick with traditional box and bag shapes. As long as it will fit through the post, you can use any kind of container design. For example, LEGO boxes could look like LEGO blocks or heads. You can also use unusual shapes, like pentagons, or triangles. Anything that is different enough to catch people’s notice is what you want to use for your box shapes.

Advertise New Products

Another way to make your products and brand stand out is to use your box and shipping containers to advertise upcoming products. You can place pictures of new products, or include words related to your brand on the box. Just make sure that the advertisements do not interfere with the shipping labels. Any actual advertising you place on the container should not obscure the address fields or make the address harder to read. The shipping company you use can help you determine what kind of advertising you can use on your boxes.

Create Unique Packaging

The last way you can promote your brand is to create a unique kind of packing that you always use. For example, you could always send out black boxes with a green stripe around the center of the box. This will soon become synonymous with your brand, and anyone viewing the box will know that your company sent out that brand. This idea is similar to the idea of Christian Louboutin using the red shoe sole as the hallmark of his brand.

When you employ clever shipping strategies, you are not just sending out products, but also promoting your brand at the same time. You can do this with a variety of inexpensive methods that are worth the small extra expense.

Lindsey McMahon wrote this guest post. She is a freelance writer who shares her shipping tips on various blogs. She likes to write about marketing and business related topics, if you like her article, be sure to follow her on Twitter.

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