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Despite the buzz about the wonders of online advertising, many business owners still find themselves working the magic of real world marketing. New tactics may have emerged in recent years but traditional ones like packaging and labeling prove to be consistent in increasing the visibility of products and affecting the purchasing decisions of consumers who don’t have much time to browse.

If you’re looking to save cost while boosting your product’s shelf appeal then stickers, packaging labels, and decals might just be the perfect addition to your marketing toolbox.


Stickers always do an impeccable job at introducing products in the market. Ranking among the least expensive advertising tools, stickers are often used by business owners to deliver sales messages – from promoting discounts, to explaining a product’s benefits. At times, they double as a key ingredient in developing brand goodwill, which typically warrants the use of such images as happy families, fit athletes, and green grasslands. Legal requirements like nutritional information, universal product codes, and use-by dates also commonly come in this form.

Quick Tip: Stickers must reflect what your brand is about and what you can offer. Though this may come off as daunting, creating stickers is no rocket science. Even a clear and simple one will help your product stick out on the shelf, so long as you have it printed on a high-quality paper/ stock and produced in a long lasting finish (matte, gloss, metallic). Printing it in full color and various shapes and sizes will also do the trick.

Packaging Labels

Good packaging has always been aimed at providing the goods the much-needed physical protection, and labels that come with them create immediate information transmission. While the former protects the actual contents from damaging factors and conditions such as temperature and compression, the latter communicates how to use, reuse, or dispose of the product by providing brief instructions. Also, consider paying extra attention to design for you might increase not just your products’ overall charm, but also your sales.

Quick Tip: Labels suit certain surfaces; therefore, it is imperative that you identify upfront the type of packaging you want for your product. Are you going for boxes (cardboard) or packs (paper)? Or do you fancy jars (glass)? And just as crucial, always keep your target market in mind. Doing so will ease you into determining your packaging label’s design, as well as the appropriate finish.

Decals are stickers on steroids, in that they come in a much larger format. Often spotted on windows, cars, signs, and other surfaces where anyone couldn’t miss it, a decal complements your product’s shelf appeal by simultaneously fulfilling other marketing objectives – from building brand awareness and loyalty, to promoting advertising campaigns. Not only are they cost-efficient, they also happen to be effective and versatile. Over the years, these large-scale stickers have been used to create publicity, rapidly spreading ideas via viral marketing techniques. Mix a brilliant beyond brilliant design with a creative placement, and your decal would be hard to beat.

Quick Tip: When people see your decal, they should think of your brand. And so, your best bet is to strengthen it by upholding consistency through your design. It’s not enough that you use your logo. You must also tug at the consumers’ heartstrings by adding a compelling copy and a call to action. To draw more attention to your business, skip the atypical sticker shapes and go for die-cut decals. Place them in spots with high foot traffic or get even more creative by applying them on movable objects.

Regardless of specific shops, always think of product shelves as billboards where you can show off your own. Given the thousands of shoppers that pass about thousands of items per minute in various stores, the easiest way to get some of them to notice your product is through packaging stickers and labels. Of course, you’d also need to constantly remind them about your brand, and so enters the use of decals. With enough creative batteries working, not only will you expand your customer base, you will also increase your potential sales volume.

This article was contributed by Barney’s Labels, the #1 sticker printer in Melbourne, Australia. They specialize in printing every label imaginable – from product and packaging labels and clothing swing tags, to vehicle stickers and decals.

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