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A logo speaks volumes about your business or your company. A simple cupcake topped with a luscious cherry can symbolise a patisserie, a single pair of elegant looking stilettos can mean a shoe store and the likes. An attractive logo can help to make your potential clients curious; the result? These customers come flocking to you to get the better of their curiosity. There is a plethora of logo design tools available over the internet. All you need to do is download them and start working on it. However, an SEO Expert warns the people saying that it is the quality they should look for instead of the quantity. Following is a list of some exceptional logo design packages that enable you to come up with the best possible logo for your company.

Quick Logo Designer:

As the name suggests, this designing package provides a dual function of a quick, good quality logo design along with features that are extremely easy to understand and use. To put it simply, it is for people who are not very well acquainted with the art of graphic designing. Conversely, these tools could be too basic for a professional graphic artist.

Logo Yes:

The best part about Logo Yes is that you get access to more than 20,000 design elements which help you to come up with your very own custom design that is unique on the face of the earth. You can resize the logo a million times and it will still not lose any of its high resolution. It is easy and very convenient to use, not to mention it gives your company a unique identity.

Adobe Illustrator CS6:

Adobe never fails to surprise its audience with its list of jaw dropping products that touch every aspect of graphic design. They have constantly made changes to their previous software and have come up with the CS 6 version offering a more user friendly and modern interface. It works smoothly even with complex files. All you need to have is a creative imagination for your logo. The tools to turn your imagination into reality are at your disposal.

Logo Design Studio:

This is an excellent Logo designing tool, suggests an SEO Expert. You get a variety of layouts and options to choose from. They have an entire library dedicated for logo designs and the categories make it even simpler to find the perfect design. The price factor is another benefit as it will not burn a hole in your pocket.

AAA Logo:

This designing package lets your imagination soar with exciting opportunities to create stunning logos. AAA Logo is a very powerful design tool. The user interface is extremely easy. There is a plethora of clipart options and templates to choose from. You can even customize the fonts. These features make using this software a pure joy.

The Logo Creator:

The drag and drop method used by this designing package to create striking logos is a delight. You have complete freedom to choose the template and layout that you like. You can personalize the logo to suit the needs of your company. Importing your own design is permitted and you have the freedom to create stunning logos with the help of mix and match.


It can be said that LogoSmartz is a complete package. It provides you with all the tools you need to create the perfect logo. It boasts of high resolution templates, layouts, special effects, colours, fonts and the likes. There is also an option to create transparent logos.

Author’s bio: Martin Cooper is an SEO Expert and a freelance graphic designer at He compiles a list of heavy duty logo design tools that can be used by both professionals and amateurs with ease. He loves to spend his free time gaming with his friends.

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