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With the search engine optimization landscape changing every now and then as Google is coming up algorithm updates, the online business owners need to keep up with the changing trends. The importance of links is never going to fade away, but its indomitable position is in a state of uncertainty, as the social signals are gaining in prominence. With people getting glued to social media like never before, the emphasis is on spontaneous and social sharing. It is not only the credibility of the links that are going to be paid heed to while indexing a site by the Google bots, the social signals have started to play a significant role as ranking factors.

Social signals Vs Links

In the SMX advanced 2012, Matt Cutts had opined that links are still more important. The emphasis should be given in the word ‘still’ as there are chances of social signals overpowering the links in the near future. The popularity of social media is spreading like wildfire and the online businesses are clinging to it, to let their businesses get the required visibility. Social signals refer to the grouping of the responses like tweeting, re-tweeting, commenting, likes, pins, +1 in Google +, replurking, stumbling and the like. So in order to scale up the search ranking page, the favorability of the social signals has started to play its part.

Engaging and Quality Content is the Key

When an online business owner is maintaining a business page or a profile in the various social networking sites, it is the professional look and feel which matters. A web-based business owner should never be a bragger talking about his own products and services. It is coming up with engaging information, tips, suggestions dished out in blog posts, videos and the like, which nab the attention of the users.

The Future of Social Signals

Taking a look at the present scenario, it can well be understood that the social media fever is going to stay long. The online business owners need to plunge into this domain of social media, engage, participate and interact with the customers, respond and reflect on their feedback and make their online presence felt. The future online customers are going to flock to social media more and more. The recent surveys show that the consumer spends greater time on social media than on search engines and it is changing their purchasing behavior as well. It is the three R’s- Recommendations, Ratings and Reviews- which the customers are swearing by, thus shifting the focus on natural and social sharing.

Author Bio- Pramod Maloo is the author of this article. He loves to be updated with the changing pattern in the SEO industry. A reputed SEO company in India and agencies of repute are paying heed to the changing SEO landscape to let their clients’ websites rank higher in top search engines.

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