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Google And It's Competitors

When you search the web, you always want to find the relevant information fast and completely. Traditionally the most highly recommended search engine has been Google and they have been the most widely used website since taking off in the mid 2000’s. This was due in large part to its well organized search results and good formatting for users to see. However in recent years Google has been dealing with a new and growing competitor Bing who partnered up with MSN and has been attempting to bring even more results to its page. In the meantime, Yahoo has seen its search statistics decreasing over the last few years.

The Latest Google Rankings

The latest rankings put out in April of 2013 by comScore showed that Google still led the internet with 66% of all searches conducted followed by Bing at 17%, Yahoo at 12%, and the smaller search engine companies taking up the rest. Though google throughout most of the 2000s saw its growth accelerate more rapidly than others, we may be starting to see a slowing down in its overall growth while Bing seems to be growing though not at real high high rate.

Bing It On And Google

Research continues to be done between the companies to figure out which site is the best for search results. In research conducted by Bing in which they tested their results on 1000 people ages 18 and older, they claimed that more people had preferred Bing over Google, but this was blind research that was conducted on people who randomly chose the results given. In a “Bing It On” challenge, some have stated that Bing has gone so far as to rig the results that appear in the search boxes in an attempt to give more appeal to the site and that when they tried the same searches on Bing’s homepage, different results showed up.

Databases vs Social Media
Where Bing has taken advantage of the search engine world is where they have provided visual enhancements in the sidebar of the Bing main page and the Facebook plugin which allows friends to help provide the answers to search results and their recommendations for Bing searches. However that can bring about flawed data in trying to personalize search results. Where Google does continue to lead is in bringing in the auto-fill instantaneous google search results because of its widely available databases and continues to be the tree of knowledge.

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