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This is almost known to us that SEO companies almost works as the base of a website thus bringing in more and more traffic to your site and almost everything else that SEO has its tribute on a site. Therefore, this is true that the seo of a site is determined by many factors such as using Meta keywords, No-follow links, Alt Tags and many more. But among all this, the most important factor that depends on the seo of your site is the use of heading tags in the Post. This actually matters a lot and using it correctly can actually prove to be beneficial for your site. Yes, a lot indeed!!

Why Using Header Tags?

Yes, this must be one of the important as well as interesting questions one might ever have in their mind. Well, there might be a handful number of good reasons for that and one of those can be that it is used to define your Html documents and also it provides structure to your website. By providing header tags, it actually helps you to get familiar with SEO, accessibility and also with the general structure of the page.

How to Use these Header Tags Perfectly in SEO:

Yes, this is true that being a search engine optimizer whether a professional or a newbie one, you might be familiar with this term- ‘Header Tags’. Header or Heading Tags is nothing but the normal font being used in big size than normal. This can due to many reasons but the first and foremost reason can be that it is used to draw the attention of your readers towards your particular post. Secondly, it also expresses search engines to draw its attention and mention as the particular post to be important. So, in both cases, it specifies both the users and search engine about the post to be vital and important. They normally put great impact on the seo of a website or a Blog. But for that, you need to know how to use these heading tags effectively in your site or blog whatever.

So, here you will get to know how to use these Heading Tags precisely in your articles or blog posts so as to score well in search engine results page and increase the seo of your page. So, let us take a look how to use these heading tags starting from h1 to h6 more effectively.

How to Use H1 Tag?

H1 tags are the Html tags being enclosed in <h1></h1>. So, here it denotes that the text enclosed within these tags have got the highest importance on a web page. Hence, search engine optimizers have the general probability to use h1 tag in the title of a web page. So, it is recommended by Professional Seo Companies to use h1 tags only in case it is very important. In general, there is no such limitation of using heading tags in your webpage but usually it is recommended not to use too much heading tags as too much using of it can reduce the importance of your web-page too. Hence, a tip for you all: Never use more than 5 heading tags as this might count as a spam for your posts.

Using Heading Tags in Paragraphs: 

If you are planning to use header tags in the paragraphs, this is true that it won’t help you much in the eyes of search engines. But at the same time, it is also correct that it would show some importance to your web page. Therefore, it is recommended to use h2 or h3 tags in the paragraphs. Although it is true that using heading tags in between paragraphs would look odd to your visitors. Therefore it is recommended to use header tags such as h5 or h6 in the title of a paragraph. This would be more fruitful instead and would also indicate the visitors as well as search engine that the highlighted titles are least important than the titles using H1 tags.

Hence, this is true that after going through this article, you would be more familiar with the heading tags to utilize in your posts to achieve the ultimate SEO attention. But at the same time, you need to keep in mind of using it more effectively in your posts so that it does not appear to be spam in the eyes of Google.

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This Guest Post is written by Aditi Datta. She is a Professional Search Engine as well as Social Media Optimizer. She also works in a Leading Seo Company in India.

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