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One of the disadvantages with VoIP systems is that they are dependent on a number of local conditions, unlike traditional phone lines. The sheer number of advantages VoIP has over traditional phonelines means that this isn’t that important in comparison, but it is a concern. Fortunately, there are a few factors you can keep in mind to keep the VoIP calls you make at the level of quality that you need.

Use Good Computer Practices

If you’re using a VoIP line over a computer or smart-phone, then you can improve the quality of a VoIP call often by just keeping to good general computer practices. Such practices include;

Shut Down Non-Essential Programs If your computer or mobile device is running slow, then this could impact the quality of your VoIP call, just like it can impact the quality of any other program you run.

Dedicate Your Bandwidth Basically, you need to especially stop any P2P programs or any downloads that might be leeching bandwidth away from your call. If your bandwidth is going to getting a new update from the manufacturer or some other program, then it won’t be going to the call and the quality of the call could suffer as a result.

Keep Your Device in Good Health If you aren’t doing virus and malware checks on your device, then these problems could slow down the operation of your device. They could be leeching bandwidth, actually, and this could really screw up your calls.
Check Your Microphone

It’s a good idea to use microphone options that can handle VoIP connections, or that are rated for them directly. It’s also wise to have them connected directly to your device rather than something like a Bluetooth which is going to require even more bandwidth and latency before the sounds reach your ears, or your voice reaches your partner’s.

Have a Decent Data Connection

The quality of your data connection will directly affect the quality of your call. As a result, going with the highest bandwidth option you have is essential. This means turning on WiFi if you’re on a mobile phone and have access to it.

Expand Your RAM

Having enough RAM is everything during active VoIP calls. This is part of the reason why you need to clear out any apps that are using RAM. This is usually pretty easy on a computer, but on a mobile phone it can be trickier. Devices running iOS won’t generally have a problem, but Android is notorious for having random processes pop up and steal RAM at random. It’s a good idea to use apps that keep your RAM free such as Clean Master.

Best VoIP Practices

The truth is, that you can’t guarantee that data connectivity and data connection will be at their best, and thus that your call will be at its best, unless you have a service provider that you trust with VoIP compatibility. One of the best ways to do this is by using hosted VoIP. This means that the equipment, services and servers are all provided through the same company, ensuring compatibility and services honed specifically for hosting VoIP calls.

This is a guest post by Lindsey McMahon, a freelance tech writer who enjoys sharing advices about tech solutions.

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