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#1 - Praise, Feedback and Reward

There is nothing worse than your hard work going unrecognised. Praise employees for great work and reward them for exceptional work. This will motivate and encourage them to try hard in the future. If you give constant criticism and negativity to an employee, they will become demotivated which will consequently reflect in future work.

#2 - Be Flexible

Be flexible to reasonable requests for additional leave. Just like you, employees have commitments and personal lives to balance with work; children to pick up and drop off at school and sick relatives to care for. Assist employees by allowing them to receive emails at home or on a smart phone, so that when necessary they can work from home.

Treat every employee as an individual and make them feel valued. Every person is different with varying needs. If you allow Georgia to leave early on a Friday afternoon to see her long distance boyfriend in Birmingham, you will undoubtedly reap the benefits when she puts in the extra hours during the week.

#3 - Listen and Talk

Remember communication is key. Listen to individual ideas, no matter what their position or status. This way employees will feel valued and more inclined to contribute and be open with you in the future. It is also important that they have a chance to listen to you and that you keep staff informed of any change in circumstance. Staff changes should be announced in an official way, rather than allowing people to casually float in and out of the office. This attitude will make all staff feel undervalued- why should they work hard for someone who clearly does not care who is on the team?

#4 - Blame, No Gain

Problems should not be blamed on someone as it just makes employees feel on edge and achieves nothing! If you are always pointing the finger, staff will feel tense and panic when trivial matters go wrong. Remember that most staff are trying extremely hard to make your business a success and accidents happen. Accusation will restrict initiative and innovation. If serious errors repeatedly occur, perhaps it is time to review your recruitment process as you have clearly hired the wrong person.

#5 - Take Charge

Employees need clear instruction and guidance so that they know they are on the right track and then you may loosen the reins a little. This is especially important when an employee starts work with you as from past experience, I know there is nothing worse than starting a job and having no idea what is required of you. However do not be too hands-on throughout. Allowing employees to take control will promote self confidence and the use of initiative.

#6 - Encourage People to Take a Break

It is important that employee’s use their annual leave so that they can relax and refresh. Also it helps to give staff a goal to work to. Approach people who haven’t taken their holiday entitlement and encourage them to get away as this will show you care.

Some companies allow employees to take a few working days to engage in charity and community work. This allows people to step away from their work bubble and develop themselves in a personal way. Staff will them come back to the office with a new attitude and a fresh stance on their workload.

#7 - Let’s Get Physical

Exercise produce endorphins and endorphins make you happy. It is common for companies in Japan to start their working day with a group exercise programme. This is however rare in England even though it could work wonders for staff morale. Bosses should promote a healthy lifestyle in their offices as a healthy body = a healthy mind.

Encouraging staff to keep fit can be done in so many ways: Set up a staff 5 a side football team or a lunch-time running club, team up with a gym so that staff can get reduced membership fees or run a pedometer challenge to see who can take the most steps in the office.

Healthy eating is just as, if not more important than exercise so make sure your staff have a kitchen space with facilities/utensils to prepare healthy meals. I once heard of a great staff incentive where staff are provided with smoothies and fruit 3 mornings a week! Starting the day with a healthy kick is sure to help productivity and is an incentive which would not break the bank.

#8 - Benefits

We have already discussed benefits related to health and fitness, which should help to motivate staff. There are other small steps you could take to encourage a positive mentality in the workplace. You could bring a masseuse in once a month to give employees a ten minute boost or organise a team dinner. Invite staff to bring their partners as well. It helps to show an interest in employee’s lives and will encourage staff to integrate more.

#9 - Sweat the Small Stuff

Well maintained and clean facilities, filtered water and regular lunch breaks will not go unnoticed. A vast sum of money is not always behind improved high staff morale, just a little attention to detail.

#10 - Lead by Example

Everyone hates a hypocritical boss. Setting staff targets and donning hefty workloads whilst you swan about doing little other than telling others what to do will not go down well. You need to be putting as much energy into you work as your employees, if not more. Many bosses start late, finish early and take afternoons off for personal enjoyment. Try to remember that you are part of the team too! So go ahead and muck in with everyone else!

Lucy Carswell is a Blogger and Marketing Assistant at Edward Baden Office Relocation. Edward Baden is an international company specialising in business relocations, working alongside its sister company, Easycrate, the crate hire specialists.

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