Posted by : Amanda Stein Thursday, May 16, 2013

In many companies these days, the budget is getting tighter than ever, and deciding exactly who to send corporate gifts to this year and who to leave off the list may seem like nothing short of impossible. While many companies use the “clients-first” method to decide who may get a gif this year and who is more likely to get overlooked, choosing the right people could be the key to your success. Here are the four main groups most people choose as they select the ideal gifts.

Clients: This group is almost a no-brainer. You simply wouldn’t be in business if your clients or customers didn’t continue to use your services or products, and gifts are a great way to thank them for a year of loyalty. While not every business lends itself to giving out client gifts at the holiday season, this is a solid way to show your appreciation and to get them to turn to you again should they ever require your products or services in future months.

Vendors: Sure, you already pay your vendors for their products and services, but it’s important to recognize their contribution to your company, particularly the smaller companies that help make your business run well. Perhaps you outsource your IT department. Maybe you use a copywriter for help every month. It could be a project management firm that helps you do more with your client list. Whatever it is, take a close look at this group because you need to give them more than a paid invoice this holiday season. You have to find a way to say thanks, and in return, you’ll get the service you deserve again and again.

Employees: The research is in, and people perform far better at their jobs if they truly feel appreciated. Corporate gifts are a good way to show employees how much you care about their contribution to your efforts and it’s a good way to boost morale among your employees, too. It’s important to tread lightly here, though. If you offer them the same dollar reusable shopping bag that you bought for your clients, they’re not going to feel very appreciated, so make certain that you decide to splurge a bit when you buy for your employees.

Board Members:
Your board helps guide you to make the right decisions so your company will grow again and again, and a small executive-style gift is the perfect touch this holiday season. It can be as simple as a pen and pencil set, but this is the ideal way to recognize their experience, knowledge and guidance.

Corporate gift giving can be a bit tricky at times, but when you recognize the right people during the course of the holiday season, you’re not only earning their thanks, you’re earning those feel-good points that will help to make certain your company stays in their good graces throughout the holiday season. If you’re not sure about the best gift, talk to a gift consultant to select one that will meet your needs.

Author Bio: Sarah enjoys writing about business marketing and customer retention. She also contributes regularly to the All About Gifts & Baskets blog, where you can find unique corporate gift ideas.

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