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How to earn money from photography

The generation under the 21st century is more engaged with different types of photography. These types of photography may vary from fashion, food, travel, street, documentary, landscape, underwater, wildlife, event, and many more. Interest on photography is somehow related to the innovation of technology. What is seen or visible to the eyes can now be well-presented using digital and DSLR cameras.

For this reason alone, people's interest on taking pictures increased. Others compelled themselves to buy their own DSLR cameras for better and high resolution shots. Some purchase digital cameras to get along with this trend. Some individuals see it as an opportunity to hone their photography skill while at the same time earning money from it.

For those who see it as a way to earn additional income, selling photos online is a good start. Some of the known and trusted websites you can find include iStockphoto, ShutterStock, Dreamstime and Fotolia.

However, to give you heads-up, keep in mind that this kind of hobby is not the best source of extra income compared with the services offered by professional photographers. Being aware on this matter and you still find yourself interested pursuing this business, then here are some stock photography tips I can give.

How to start a business with photography? 

Here is a basic step-by-step instruction: 

1. Be sure that you have a passion for photography and the intention is not just to make money cause if it is, it won't last.

2. Identify your target market. These market include advertising, wedding and portraiture, just to name a few.

3. Plan your business. You do not want to go to war without any weapons right? Therefore, do your research specially with regards to expenses and returns.

4. Organize your portfolio. Properly arrange your photos and print it. You may also use some of it as background for your business card, like what some of my friends do.

5. Invest on the right equipment. Photography skills mix with the right gear would sure have a long way to go.

6. Expand your network. Two heads are really better than one. Make friends with people you will be working with like photographers, makeup artists, production staffs and others.

7. Lastly, always give your best shot and have fun.

That's it! I hope these simple basic tips help you take your first step doing your photography business.

Nettie Gray is a meanderer who don't buy souvenirs for friends whenever she travels but take photographs instead and link or share stories along with it.

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