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With over 350 million users worldwide and counting, Facebook remains the top social media site across the board. If this statistic doesn't mean anything to you as a business person, then you're in the wrong profession. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ influence just about everyone these days, as more and more of the world becomes caught up in the information generation. Because of its mass impact, social media offers businesses a chance to grow their brand with minimal expense compared to traditional marketing avenues. And while you might recognize social media's impact, you might not know how to capitalize on it. Here's a brief guide to launching promotions for your business through social media.

Know Your Market

Do you sell office supplies? Then you're not going to market to teenagers. If you offer discounts on designer handbags, then chances are you'll shy away from the male sector. Know you you're selling to before you waste time by creating ads for a dead demographic. According to Forbes, 43% of people in their 20s spend more than 10 hours per week using social media. This means that you have ample opportunity to market to an influential age range. It also means that you shouldn't waste precious marketing time on less represented demographics because they won't be online to see your efforts. Know your audience and the statistics for who's online, and adjust your marketing plan accordingly.

Stay Relevant

These days, it's all about being interactive. People want to connect, which accounts for the popularity of social media. More important, you need to develop engaging apps and contests that specifically require interaction. In a survey conducted by Piper Jaffrey, teens still identified Facebook as their number one social media site, but they also wrote in unlisted sites like 4chan and Snapchat. Both of these are apps, which means that you need to make sure your business's mobile site offers interactive features. Promote your brand using useful smartphone apps to engage in today's generation.

Think Ahead

According to the Social Media Examiner, one of the "mind-blowing reasons your business needs Facebook" relates to the use of wall posts vs. pictures and videos. As a business, you need to stay ahead of the game. In order to do this, you need to spend some time in developing relevant, informative and entertaining visual marketing. The same holds true for other social media platforms. Find out what your followers want to know, and develop a series of brief webinars on interesting topics. Post these wherever you can, and let the followers come to you. People like visuals, and your business should stay one step ahead by increasing your visual online marketing.

You might understand that social media plays a huge role in the current marketing game, but unless you actively engage your followers, you're still missing out. Offering incentives for liking your Facebook page, following your Twitter or signing up for an email newsletter will encourage people to dig deeper and find out more about your company. You want to stay ahead of your competition, and doing so may require you to seek outside help. Enlisting the services of a social media expert might be an investment worth making, especially as social media sites become more sophisticated. Your business will achieve great things through social media if you invest in the time to develop it.


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