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Most online marketing experts will tell you that the money is in the list this old cliché is true but, it will take time for you to build a profitable list. You need months, maybe even years to build a good mailing list that will give you good profit for your promotions. But, what if you want to do email marketing right now, without a list? The answer is to try running a solo ad, send an ad to someone else's established mailing list and experience the staggering conversion rates that email marketing can offer. But, you have to do it carefully. Putting solo ad out to someone else's mailing list will probably cost you hundreds of dollars. If you don't do this carefully, you'll lose a lot of money. But, if you do it carefully, you'll enjoy high conversion rate from your email marketing campaign. Here are 5 tips to write a highly converting solo ad for affiliate promotion:

1. Don't believe in cheap solo ad advertisement

If you want a real profitable solo ad and good ROI the cheapest offer is not always best. Think about it, most cheap solo ad advertisements are priced low because they don't have a good quality mailing list. For instance, the probably reason the owner priced it so low is because of an untargeted audience or low response rate. This will be a problem for you if you use these cheap offers. These cheap solo ads will only waste your time and money. You have to find high quality mailing list that offers solo ads at a reasonable price (this is usually $60-$150 per ad).

2. Test it first with low quantity

This is an important first step for you to succeed with your solo ad. Most people just spend big amounts of money on solo ad advertisements without testing the effectiveness of their ad. Don't spend too much money if you are not sure how your ad converts. If you find a good mailing list with good response rate and targeted audience, then you should test it. If it converts with this list, you can spend more money promoting it to extract more profits.

3. Subscribe the mailing list for yourself and see the quality of it

The best way to judge the quality of a mailing list is to experience it for yourself. How can you do this? You can do this by subscribing to the mailing list for yourself. For instance, if you've found a good mailing list that will be your potential partner you need to visit its website and subscribe the mailing list for yourself. Give it a week and see the quality of the newsletter for yourself. Where will your solo ad be placed? It is important to observe it as well. Also, ask yourself whether you want to put an ad on this newsletter or not. By following this strategy, you won't go wrong in your promotion.

4. Gauge the reputation of the list

Another thing to consider is the mailing lists reputation. Who runs the mailing list? The person who owns the mailing list needs to have solid reputation in his or her niche, why? The more reputable the mailing list, the higher your conversion rate will be. That's why you need to gauge the reputation of the list before you put any investment into it. Make sure that the mailing list has solid reputation and the owner is also a reputable person in their niche.

5. Get in touch with your audience

Remember to write your ad in a way that will connect and entice your audience, you need to observe the mailing list and newsletter style carefully before writing a solo ad for it. What are the interests of your audience? What can entice them and what can turn them off? Write in a manner that will establish a good emotional connection between you and your audience. Also, the ad should promote product that is relevant to your audience, provide good value and serve their needs. All in all, you have to communicate a good message in your promotion in order to receive positive response from your audience.

Those are 5 tips to write highly converting solo ads for affiliate promotion. Solo ads can be a profitable investment in your affiliate business. If you can utilize the potential of this medium properly, your affiliate marketing promotions will be a big success.

This post was supplied by Mark Stubbles, Mark is a successful online marketer and SEO Consultant based in London, UK.

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