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It may be hard to believe, but even in this day and age, fraud and counterfeiting are still quite common criminal acts. Just as the technology used to catch criminals has improved, so has their ability to continue breaking the law undetected. Fortunately, in the world of currency and legal document printing, the advent of UV ink has helped catch counterfeit bills and other items before they enter circulation. So, what exactly is UV ink printing and what are its most common applications?

What is it?

UV ink security printing is a broad term that refers to several methods of print processes designed to ensure the legitimacy and security of essential government or private documents and legal tender. The most common forms of UV ink printing include:

Daylight invisible inks. Just as their name states, these inks are totally invisible to the naked eye during daylight or artificial light, and they require a special UV scanner to be read.

Invisible UV fluorescent ink. Are totally invisible to the naked eye at all times except when under direct UV radiation.

Metameric pairs. These inks are specifically designed to appear as different colors when seen under different light sources.

Common Applications

If you think you think haven’t seen items printed with UV ink in real life, think again. On a virtually daily basis, you are likely to handle an object that is or could be printing using specialized ink.

Currency. This is perhaps the most commonly associated implementation of UV printing. In the production phases, pieces of paper currency are marked with a line of UV ink. Individual treasuries can craft unique mixtures of the components which comprise UV ink, giving their notes a distinct appearance under UV radiation.

Passports. Homeland security is a high priority for countries across the globe. Fortunately, UV printing has given agents a new tool in the fight against unlawful entry into countries. UV ink printing is often used in the binding of passports in conjunction with barcodes and other security measures.

Postage stamps. When you think of counterfeit items, postage stamps may not be the first items that come to mind. However, although the number of counterfeit stamp incidents is not as high as that of currency counterfeiting, the practice is still worrisome.

Added Advantages

Like any other fraud detection or counterfeit prevention method, UV ink printing is 100 percent effective. However, the sheer cost required to purchase a printer capable of using UV ink along with possible variations of ink production make it very difficult for counterfeiters to make successful replicas.

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