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If you have a Smartphone, you probably use 4G as part of your everyday routine. This technology offers the latest in terms of mobile communication. If you are only using 4G as a way to browse the web while waiting for your train, you have not even begun to realize the potential for this type of service. Small businesses around the world are just starting to grasp the many applications of 4G technology in the modern mobile office. Check out a few of the perks of pairing 4G with your small business.

Making Work Mobile

One of the best parts about 4G coverage for your small business is that it makes your workplace increasingly mobile. Unlike other mobile services of the past, 4G is fast and very reliable. You can use 4G technology no matter where you are, even if that happens to be on an airplane, sick in bed at home, or on the other side of the globe. You no longer have to be at the office to work, and this can be a real game changer for you and your staff. Since many small businesses are often short on personnel, increasing the availability of your team via mobile technology can solve many problems in your office.

Cut Your Costs

Using 4G technology to get your office online can save you a great deal on overhead if you opt for this type of coverage rather than having your work space wired with video and internet cables. If you work in an older office that might need updating to accommodate new technology, 4G can meet your tech needs through wireless configurations. 

Get More Face Time

Recent innovations have made video calls and conferences clear and reliable, and 4G brings this capability to your fingertips. You can speak face to face with a client in China or London on your Smartphone at home or on your laptop in the office. This makes negotiations easier, and it allows for a whole new world of businesses conferences. Because of the portability of mobile devices, an employee in another state or country can give your board a tour of a new facility or introduce you to a new line of products through video calls. 

Keep an Eye on Things

If you have areas of your office or your production line that you need to keep under surveillance, 4G makes this simple and easy. Again, you do not have to go to the trouble of installing new wiring to support your security upgrade. You can watch your offsite facilities or your office in real time on your phone. This is a great way to keep your small business safe or to demonstrate how your production works to new clients. 

Gaining Access

Because of cloud technology, small businesses are now able to keep important files and documents in secure online storage. If your office uses the cloud to store work-related documents, 4G technology means that necessary information is never out of reach for you and your team. This can come in handy when you need your team to be ready to move at any time, and it makes busy periods more manageable through increased flexibility.

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