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Many people think that social media only works one way. Many people think that social media is supposed to be used to draw people to a website. Sending traffic the other way is often seen as foolish, and yet if you want a well rounded and healthy social media campaign, you need to have links pointing to your social media site. You cannot forget that more people are going to visit your social media profiles than they are going to visit your blog. If you can sell the idea of your social media profile, then when you post a marketing message on your social media profile, you will have a bigger impact.

Do not forget that regular visitors to your social media profile is very likely, so even if you do direct a few people away from your blog and onto your social media, there is a high probability that they will visit your blog again. This is especially true if your social media profiles offer previews of coming blog posts. You can reciprocally promote your social media on your blog, and your blog on your social media.

Why not consider blogging about your campaign

It hits the idea right on the nose, but that is not a bad thing. Your social media campaign may be a varied and interesting endeavor. There may actually be people who are interested in finding out about your campaign. You may not wish to base your entire blog around this premise. But, a monthly blog on how you created your YouTube video, or how many re-tweets a certain article gained, may be quite interesting to a lot of people.

Blog a run-down of one of your campaign elements

Let’s say that you have uploaded a large display of your images onto one of the image-based social media sites. You may wish to blog about how you took the images, and the struggle your company went through in order to get the images.

You may link your blog to your social media posts

This is not an uncommon occurrence, but do not make the mistake of linking for no reason. Do not forget that links from a blog to a social media site has no effect on SEO for anyone or anything. This means that if you link from your blog to a social media site, then it must be something that is frighteningly interesting. It must be something that your target audience would be sad that they missed. Otherwise, there is little point in directing your traffic away from your blog.

Install widgets/buttons onto your blog

Your blog may become part of your social media campaign if you add buttons and widgets into the mix. There are Facebook and Google+ “Likes” that you may add. There are also Twitter widgets that you can add, so that people may tweet about your blog post .There are also share buttons that people may use to share your content. Sharing your blog content will make it part of your social media campaign.

The good thing is that you can make sure that your blog post becomes part of your social media campaign by clicking the “Like” buttons yourself, and Tweeting about your posts, and sharing your posts online.

Install a comment section that is linked to social media

Instead of having a blog standard comment section, you may have one that links directly to social media. The user writes in a comment, and then picks a social media profile to submit it with. This means that their profile image and name will appear next to their comment.

It may also mean that the comment is published on their social media profile too. Make it so that the “Publish on social media profile” box is already checked by default. That way the commenter will have to un-check the box if he/she does not want it to appear on his/her social media profile.

Flesh out the topics you post on social media

People are less likely to read a full article that is posted on a social media site, but they will read it if it is on a blog. You could start or skim over a topic on social media, and then link to your blog, where you really flesh out the issue.

The article was written by Alice Norum, a freelance writer. She writes articles on social media, blogging and contributes reviews on writing services.


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