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It doesn’t matter if you are writing an email, an advertisement, or a newsletter your headline is the most important part. The headline is the stop sign for your entire promotion, and it has to be strong. You only have about 3 seconds to grab the readers attention, peak their interest, and make them want to read more. The down side is if your headline doesn’t grab their attention by the throat or hook them through the bottom lip you have lost your prospect. To ensure you aren’t telling stories about the one that got away, your headlines may need a booster shot here and there. The upside is you can use templates like the ones below to get the creative juices flowing and grab some new prospects

1) “How-to” 

“How To loose weight with this one easy trick.” We all want to learn new things and if your headline tells us how to get that one benefit we are looking for, you are sure to get some readers. Just make sure you give them the “how to” or they will feel like you lied to them and that hurts your chances to be trusted.

2) The Testimonial

"Finding a logo designer that just “gets it” is like throwing darts. Finding DzinDNA is like hitting a bull’s-eye." – Ron Ryan , President/CEO indieEarth, LLC., Orlando FL Testimonials are great selling tools and if you can make them your headline people stop and pay attention. Testimonials is to be short and to the point and be sure to get permission from the customer that gave it. DO NOT make up testimonials or testimonial headlines, be real. Use real testimonies.

3) Offer a Benefit

“Find Out The Secrets of Having Prospects Chasing You!” Inserting your main benefit into your headline is like a twofer. Getting a great show stopper headline and getting your number one benefit in the Biggest type on the page all in one design element. It’s fantastic! The goal would be to employ your overall marketing message into your benefit and that into a headline. This one will snap some heads.

4) Ask A Question

“Does pain keep you up at night?” This booster taps directly into the source of your perfect customer’s biggest need. It reminds them of some discomfort or nagging pain that haven’t relieved and begs them to search you ad for the solution. Your body copy can add some vivid imagery to make sure they recall the source of their pain and then, Tada! A solution has arrived! Your product/service can save the day.

5) Provide a Solution

“Your Grey Hair Will Disappear After Just One Application” This booster shot is the flip side of number 4. It offers a solution for that common problem that your perfect customer is keenly aware of. People like solutions, they like to know their problems can be fixed. This booster is probably the most commonly used and is effective, but overuse has taken some of the punch out of this one.

6) Personalized Headline

“Linda, Would You Like To Lose 5 Pounds by Friday?” People love to see their name in print. Using personalized headlines in email, direct mail, or webpages could lengthen readership by up to 33% and have more stopping power than all the other booster shots we have discussed. It all stems from our vanity, we like to think that the world revolves around us. We seldom see any proof of this theory, but when a headline that has OUR NAME in it we can’t help but stop and read.

7) Offer a Guarantee

“We Will Match Any Price! Guaranteed!” This headline booster addresses our desire to make a smart purchase. If we have a guarantee, we think of ourselves as safe, protected and quite smart for making the decision. We like to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

8) Power Words 

Using “power words” in your headlines has proven effective in stopping readers and improving readership. These words have an emotional connotation with your readers and increase the success of your headline dramatically .

 - Amazing
 - Announcing
 - Advice To
 - At Last
 - Bargain
 - Breakthrough
 - Discover
 - Do You
 - Enormous
 - Facts
 - Finally
 - Free
 - Great News
 - Guaranteed
 - Here
 - How Much
 - Inside Secrets Of…
 - Innovative
 - Love
 - Only
 - Proven
 - Sale
 - This
 - Which
 - Yes

So, when you sit down to write that landing page, email newsletter, or advertisement use one of these booster shots to improve your readership and get more sales. Improving the ROI of any marketing effort is very important these days and easier with these templates. If you ever need help with your headlines, drop me a note, I am glad to help. -

 By Mark Combs,

Google Contributor

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