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Business marketing is often just a repetitive cycle of gimmicks and promotions. Consumers catch onto this and turn away from over marketed businesses. The key to successful marketing is separating your business from the pack. Give consumers a fun, logical or economical reason to frequent your business.

Offer military discounts with percentage off based on rank or pay grade.

15% off has a much larger impact on a Private than a Captain. Almost everyone offers a military discount today, but no none adjust it for rank and grade. Even in cities with seemingly no military presence there are always recruiting offices, reserve units and service men and women home on leave.

Go retro with mailed advertisements.

Consumers are bombarded with hundreds of emails daily from businesses and after awhile they all begin to look like spam. Direct mail postcards are a great alternative. They can be designed exactly to your picture and text needs. This option works great for medical or dental clinic marketing. A good visual of this marketing can be seen at

Blue collar appreciation.

Offer specials and services geared towards the average working person. Factory and plant workers, service industry and fast food employees make up a large portion of the consumer market. Let them know they aren't forgotten and recognize and reward their work. This can be tailored to focus on local and regional industries making it a great option for local and small businesses.

Get involved with children.

There’s no greater way to endear your business to a community than to support its youth. Sponsor a local soccer or T-Ball team, if you have the budget do more. Sponsor or facilitate a local tournament; donate your goods or services for a youth fundraiser, do as much as you can to integrate yourself into the local community at the youth level.

Award a scholarship.

A scholarship doesn't have to be a full ride to college, it can be as little or as much as you like. Nor does it have to be awarded to high school students either. Adults and other non-traditional students make equally great recipients. How you award it is completely up to you, but in doing so your business becomes a standout for promoting education.

Effectively marketing any business is a difficult challenge and the ever increasing market saturation continues to amplify the challenge. Consumers need a definitive reason to make a choice in today’s markets. By using your creativity and ingenuity in marketing you can give consumer the catalyst they need to make the decision.

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